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Convesio Website Load Test Process

An In-depth Look at Convesio’s Load Testing Process

An effective way of identifying performance and scalability bottlenecks is to perform load testing. At Convesio, we rely on these tests to estimate and predict ...
What Exactly Are Cipher Suites

What Are Cipher Suites And Its Impact On Security

Configuration of cipher suites is often overlooked by many working in the web hosting and development industry. At Convesio we recently helped a client remove ...
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Udemy vs. WordPress LMS: Which Platform Should You Use to Sell Online Courses?

Are you creating a course to sell online, but can’t decide which platform to use?
Hosting for Your LMS WordPress Website

How to Select Hosting for Your LMS WordPress Website

Starting a LMS Site? Selecting a good hosting provider for a demanding LMS site is an essential step in the right direction.
Is WordPress Scalable Or Not

How Scalable Is WordPress for High Traffic Websites?

WordPress itself and the technologies required to run WordPress have matured over the years. In this post we answer the question "Is WordPress Scalabe?" and ...
Top WordPress Security Plugins 2

Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Website

We tested and featured some of the best WordPress security plugins that add multiple layers of protection against attacks on your website.
Complete Cloudflare Enterprise Guide 2

Definitive Guide for Configuring Cloudflare Enterprise on WordPress Websites

Cloudflare Enterprise Offers Premium Features for Making a WordPress site Optimized, Secured & Scalable
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5 Pro Tips To Scale WooCommerce for High Volume Ecommerce Stores

Learn how you can optimize your WooCommerce store to handle spikes in traffic and high-volumes of concurrent transactions and avoid losing sales.
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Matomo Review: Is It Better Than Google Analytics?

Matomo Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control of your data and protects user's privacy.
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Quick Tips To Scaling Your WordPress Website

Scaling WordPress has many challenges, but not all scaling events are the same. Let me sort out the different types of traffic and solutions to ...
Website Accessibility is Now Simple Yet Powerful

Website Accessibility is Now Simple Yet Powerful

Is your Website accessible? How to maintain accessible websites for the widest possible audience across the spectrum?
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Scaling WordPress to Handle the Largest WordPress Virtual Conference

Learn how Convesio helped Atarim serve 2M+ requests to 6K visitors from 91 countries in two days.
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How to Load Test WooCommerce For Black Friday

Using to load test your WooCommerce store to make sure it can handle sudden spikes in traffic.
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Why 800+ WordPress Believers Invested Over $1M in a New Approach To Hosting WordPress

At Convesio, we’re changing the WordPress hosting game for good. We’re here to challenge legacy hosting solutions, with their outdated shared and Virtual Private Server ...
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Build Scalable WordPress Hosting To Handle The Shark Tank Effect

How scalable is WordPress? I hear this question a lot from both aspiring website owners and agency owners alike.
Convesio Website Load Test Process