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Case Study


Provider of high-quality photography and cinematography equipment

case study ss tilta

Case Study


Provider of high-quality photography and cinematography equipment


Founded in 2010, Tilta Inc. is a large WooCommerce website that provides photography equipment for industry-leading cinema camera users.

Their products include camera cages, battery chargers, shoulder rigs, and other professional-grade tools.

As Tilta was growing, it needed a WooCommerce hosting platform that could grow and scale with it. After previously using Kinsta and Cloudways, they found Convesio while looking to solve slow backend issues, largely caused by too many people being on the website at once.

Jake Peterson, the Director of Digital Platform at Tilta, has been designing and developing websites since the late 90s. He previously used a variety of hosting companies, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and serverless. Needless to say, he has extensive experience with every kind of WordPress hosting!

In this case study, we’ll examine how Jake and Tilta became happy Convesio customers.

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As an ambitious start-up, Tilta expanded its product line from accessory kits for DSLRs to now fully supporting industry-leading cinema cameras. Through this process, Tilta has evolved from a manufacturer to an integrated solution provider, excelling in wireless lens control, camera cages, gimbal support systems, shock-absorbing car-mounts, etc.
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Outages and Slow Customer Experience

Tilta, a WooCommerce website, was unsatisfied with its previous hosting providers: Kinsta and Cloudways. These hosts were both unable to keep up with the growth of their site, especially during important sales events.

They also had frequent outages and downtime, which led to a poor customer experience and lost sales.

“Tilta has been growing quickly and so have the site’s requirements. With our last hosting provider, we switched from allowing guest checkout to only allowing registered users to check out. That made caching much more difficult and didn’t scale well during big initiatives with burst traffic/sales. Kinsta offered a Cloudflare APO integration that was good for performance but had some bugs that Cloudflare’s enterprise offering doesn’t have.”

Jake Peterson, Director of Digital Platform, Tilta


WooCommerce Hosting on Convesio

That’s where Convesio came in! Convesio’s WooCommerce hosting platform is designed for fast-growing WooCommerce websites, making it ideal for businesses like Tilta. We provide the scalability, performance, and customer support that Tilta needed to continue growing its online business.

Our platform is built on Google Cloud and scales automatically to handle spikes in traffic. This means that Tilta no longer has to worry about website outages, no matter how heavy the traffic load.

We also provide 24/7/365 customer support from our team of high-trained technical experts. This has been a game-changer for Tilta, as they now have an expert on-hand to help them with any potential issues, day or night.


Convesio Solution

PlanBusiness Level 3 (Customized)
Specs: 6 vCPU, 6 GB Memory, 32 Workers, Redis, Private MariaDB
Auto Scaling Set Up: Between 1 and 10 Containers
Edge Performance: Cloudflare Enterprise optimized for WooCommerce
Main PluginsWooCommerce, Woo Bulk Discount, Flying PagesSEO FrameworkObject Cache Pro


Website Growth Outpacing Other Channels

After switching to Convesio, Tilta hasn’t experienced any outages and their business continues to grow. The platform is fast and reliable, and their experience with our customer support has been very positive. This has resulted in a better experience for Tilta’s customers – and increased sales, too!

What Tilta Loves About Convesio

To help Tilta scale effectively, we implemented key technologies like Cloudflare Enterprise and Redis integration. We also offer our customers a Slack channel with direct access to our engineering team. Our customized support strategy enables Tilta to handle large spikes in traffic without breaking a sweat.

“We are on track for Tilta’s website growth to outpace our other sales channels in 2022. We believe Convesio is a big part of that and look forward to their vision of e-commerce hosting in the future.”

Jake Peterson, Director of Digital Platform, Tilta

Tilta’s situation is not unique, as WooCommerce websites can grow quickly, often faster than you might expect. When they do, it’s important to have a hosting solution that can keep up with the demand. With Convesio, you can be confident that your website will be able to handle whatever traffic comes its way.

We ensure this uptime by utilizing a variety of cutting-edge technologies. Redis integration provides fast caching to help improve website speed, while Cloudflare Enterprise adds an extra layer of security and protection.

Plus, with a direct Slack channel to Convesio’s engineers, you can get help fast if you have any issues. Tilta came to Convesio because we provide the key features they need to grow their WooCommerce website quickly and efficiently.

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Convesio has been the only platform we’ve used that has been able to offer high level performance that is consistent enough for our eCommerce business.

Jake Peterson, Director of Digital Platform

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