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The Competition

Convesio vs. Competitors

Discover how Convesio compares to other WordPress hosts.


SiteGround is one of the best-known web hosts. But does that mean they are a good choice for WordPress sites? If your site is growing, you’ll probably want to graduate to a more serious host.


WP Engine

WP Engine is a very well-known web host for WordPress, especially for small businesses. But is it a good choice for every type of business? It depends. In many circumstances, a more specialized, premium host is a better option.

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Kinsta is one of the most popular web hosts for WordPress. But is it the best choice for every type of website? It depends on exactly what you’re looking for.

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Liquid Web

While Liquid Web is a popular legacy managed host, they seem to have some issues, especially with WordPress sites. Read our guide to learn more. 



Pagely is a powerful, but very expensive hosting solution for WordPress sites. In some scenarios, it is a good choice – but is the high price tag worth it?

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Dedicated Server

Trying to decide between Convesio and a dedicated server setup? Give our guide a read.

dedicated server


Deciding between Convesio and a VPS provider? Read this page first.


Shared Hosting

With so many options available, choosing a host can be a confusing process. In this guide, we’ll compare shared hosting plans to Convesio’s managed, scalable hosting plan.

shared hosting
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How Elastic Hosts Compare with Traditional Hosts

As your traffic and eCommerce revenue increase, you won’t need to switch to a different setup. Unlike traditional hosts, Convesio is elastic and scales with you.
Scalable hosting 2022

Before and After Switching to Convesio

Unhappy with your current host? Give Convesio a try! As you can see in the chart below, many of our customers have seen dramatic speed improvements after switching to Convesio.
Website Before Load Time After Load Time Improvement Prior Host
Samovar Tea 7.0s 4.4s 159%
Nash Insurance 5.1s 2.4s 213%
Ellipsis Marketing 8.6s 2.2s 391%
Press Host 5.5s 2.8s 196%
Just Searched 9.2s 2.6s 354%
Owl Power 2.4s 1.5s 160%
Fake Pig Skin 9.7s 4.8s 202%
Falken Security 3.8s 1.8s 211%
Boston Orthotics 3.9s 2.2s 177%