Control Panel

Discover Convesio's powerful control panel and manage your site in only a few clicks.

Modern, User-Friendly Design

Our user control panel has been redesigned from the ground up for ease of use and quick access to important tools.


Enterprise Analytics with Cloudflare​

Our dashboard is extensively integrated with Cloudflare, allowing you to see advanced enterprise-level analytics normally only available in Cloudflare Enterprise. Filter traffic data by date, path, hosts, source browsers, and other metrics.

Simple Navigation

Don’t waste time trying to find a particular setting – you can jump directly to your desired page, without having to jump through multiple sub-menus.


Get a Snapshot of Plan Health

A plan health indicator makes it easy to tell if your website is within the resource capacity of your plan. You can also see disk usage and bandwidth usage, making it easy to avoid overages.

Protect Your Domains with Cloudflare

Once you point your domain to Cloudflare, you can manage all of its settings directly in the Convesio control panel.


Modern Editor for Configuration Files

Our modern editor allows you to quickly edit PHP.ini and other files directly in the control panel, without needing to search through a file browser.

Easily Manage Backups

Easily create, download, restore, or create a new site from a backup in one click. Or, turn on automatic backups and let us do the work.


View and Organize Access Logs

Easily keep track of access to your website via access logs. Filter them by service, date, and more.

Malware Scanning with Monarx

Monarx delivers automatic malware protection for your website, ensuring that any potential threats are eliminated ahead of time.


Convesio Acquires WooCommerce Marketing Automation Platform