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WordPress Docker Hosting

Powerful WordPress Docker Hosting Environment

Graduate from legacy hosting to more robust and innovative Docker containers for seamless scalability and performance boosts. Our solution enables you to use Docker for WordPress as a service and deploy your site in a matter of a few minutes.

For reliability and pre-configured settings, we utilize the official WordPress Docker image, which comes in various tagged flavors covering different WordPress and PHP versions.

Docker containers are the future of web hosting and we have found a way of harnessing their scaling capabilities and performance benefits to power WordPress and WooCommerce sites.


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Faster, More Reliable & Lightweight Than VPS

WordPress sites deployed using Docker technology are more performant and scalable as compared to typical VPS hosting. Docker enables us to separate different parts of your site such as its database and WordPress runtime and deploy them to individual containers with dedicated resources. As each part of the site is hosted inside its own Docker container, additional resources are added almost instantly that allow your site to scale effortlessly. It’s a must-have for eCommerce and WooCommerce websites.


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By design, a containerized architecture promotes modularity that makes resource management easier and faster. It’s similar to having multiple jars of core elements that run your WordPress sites and instead of scaling up the entire environment which is inefficient and costly, additional jars of specific services are added to fulfill the requirement. Additionally, developing WordPress websites in an isolated Docker environment enhances security and allows for better development practices.

WordPress Docker hosting has proved to be the answer to a number of performance and scalability issues that hinder growth for various online businesses. Docker containers solve these challenges through smart and targeted resource management.


Why Use Docker With WordPress?

Docker containers make your WordPress site respond to scaling events faster which means it does not only minimize the risk of downtimes but also serves every visitor with an enhanced user experience. Using a WordPress container allows for isolated and efficient resource management, ensuring that your site runs smoothly even under heavy load. Auto scaling capability like this is essential for any WordPress site that struggles with slow loading pages, abandoned carts, a high bounce rate, or frequent timeout errors while experiencing a sudden spike in traffic. It’s especially critical for eCommerce websites running WooCommerce that depend on high-traffic events for sales.


Creating new containers to support large volumes of traffic is nearly instantaneous and cost-effective. You can run Docker Compose to easily scale services as needed. These Docker containers can expand to even other servers and shrink back when the traffic goes back to normal.


Docker, by design, allows the maximum amount of resources to be dedicated for running WordPress. Since only your WordPress runtime is contained in the Docker container, your CPU and Ram is 100% allocated to WordPress. This maximizes your site performance. Additionally, using an optimized WordPress image in Docker can further enhance performance by ensuring efficient resource utilization and faster load times.


By design, Docker containers offer many security benefits versus legacy hosting solutions. They are isolated standalone environments that are difficult to penetrate but easy to recover. Additionally, when you install WordPress within a Docker container, you can ensure a secure installation process by handling dependencies, maintaining resources, and ensuring SSL certificate renewal.


Docker containers make the development and deployment of a WordPress application agile. Docker makes it easy to deploy different configurations allowing you the flexibility of choice if you want to deploy NGINX vs Apache. For Windows users, Docker Desktop provides an easy setup process, especially for Windows 10 64-bit systems.

Docker-based web hosting gives you the confidence to run any marketing campaign, host a live event with many attendees, or enroll a new batch of online learners. Docker technology manages the load very efficiently while keeping your hosting budget under control.

How Docker Compose Works

WordPress Inside The Container World

Docker containers work like Lego blocks that are replicated with the help of docker images. A WordPress Docker image is a pre-configured instance of a Docker container. It is a script that specifies the details of the Docker container. These containers can work together in multiple formations to create bespoke solutions.

A Compose file can be used to define services, environment variables, volumes, and network configurations for running multi-container applications, such as containers for WordPress and MySQL services. For instance, you can mount directories to /var/www/html to ensure the persistence of all WordPress content outside the container, including configuration, themes, plugins, and uploads.

Ideally, each Docker container hosts a single application and all its dependencies. The container is, therefore, able to operate without any additional overhead and utilize 100% of the memory and CPU allocation to run your WordPress site. The idea is to build high-performing and resource-efficient blocks that respond to auto scaling faster while offering better customization options than traditional VPS.

Docker Compose is a package manager that is used to run, add, and maintain Docker containers with ease. Docker Compose is a tool that runs multiple services from a single file. For example, running a Docker container for Nginx and a container for MySQL together.

In order to deploy these containers from the local environment to the production server, you need a service like Docker Hub. Docker Hub is a repository service that is used to share Docker images for container-based applications.

Convesio Docker-based hosting omits all the inconvenience related to configuring, creating, and deploying Docker containers and provides a hassle-free solution for hosting a WordPress site using Docker.

How We Do It

Step Into Convesio WordPress Docker Hosting

In spite of its many benefits, Docker is not the first choice for many WordPress hosting providers since its implementation is both complex and expensive. To overcome this challenge, we created a solution that doesn’t require any setup to use Docker technology. However, to set up a similar environment on your own server, you would need to install Docker Compose as a prerequisite.

All you have to do is to signup and deploy your WordPress site to our high-performing Docker-based hosting infrastructure in a matter of a few minutes.

Our WordPress hosting runs on Docker containers out of the box which means you do not need to configure or install anything. We have already figured out how to structure these containers for optimum performance and scaling capabilities.

Every WordPress site hosted with us runs on minimum containers to save computing resources but is auto-scaled to multiple more containers when needed. All of this is managed automatically and does not require any actions from your end.

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Interested in learning more about how to install WordPress on Docker?

Try our WordPress cluster hosting to experience the difference in performance. The WordPress installation process within Docker containers includes steps such as obtaining TLS/SSL certificates, securing the installation, and configuring the web server. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions about our unique Docker-based hosting technology.

See It In Action

We Understand the Official WordPress Docker Image Like No Other

Our unique Docker-based WordPress hosting is a multi-purpose solution that is intended to make next-gen Docker technology accessible to every WordPress and WooCommerce site. We deploy each service of your website inside its own container and create new copies of these containers when the traffic increases to maintain consistent performance for every single visitor. Our expertise in configuring Docker Compose files ensures optimal performance by defining services in the docker-compose file, managing YML files, and setting environment variables for WordPress and database containers.

Containerization also allows us to spread across multiple servers inside a cluster making our solution highly scalable and ideal for any use case where traditional hosting fails.

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More performance, more scalability, more security, more peace of mind, and more happy customers.

Using a WordPress container allows for isolated and efficient resource management, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and securely.

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Switch for the Sake of More!

More performance, more scalability, more security, more peace of mind, and more happy customers.


Learn More About WordPress Docker Hosting

WordPress Docker Compose is a tool for managing Docker containers. It is used to manage multiple Docker containers for a specific service of the web app using a single yml file written in the YAML scripting language.

WordPress Docker image is an executable package of software that includes all the dependencies, runtime code, and libraries to run WordPress. A Docker container is the executable instance of that image.

No installation, setup, or configuration is required. Our Docker WordPress hosting solution takes care of everything so our customers can reap the benefits right out of the box. For Windows users, Docker Desktop provides an easy setup process, especially on Windows 10 64-bit machines.

When using AWS, you need to set up Docker from scratch. This means installing Docker Compose, creating WordPress Docker images, and deploying the required number of containers.