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We're launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on July 1, 2019 and want YOU to be part of this opportunity!

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Our Story

What keeps you up at night? For a lot of agency owners, it’s that ever-present anxiety that comes with managing client sites, and having to drop everything at a moment’s notice when a client calls, often at the worst possible times. It’s knowing that your client sites are vulnerable, and it’s that nagging worry in the back of your mind that your backups might not be working.

As the founder of Convesio, I know this anxiety all too well. For the last two decades, I have been helping businesses establish and thrive online. Over the years, I have switched web hosts dozens of times, in hope that I would find a host that was as obsessive about uptime, performance, and security as I was. As technology progressed, it seemed like web hosting providers were frozen in time, with little motivation to truly innovate.

Tired and frustrated, I decided to build it myself.

I was committed to rethinking how a WordPress tech stack would operate. Every component needed to utilize the latest tech and be optimized to get every drop of performance out of WordPress. This would need to be custom built, no cPanel or out of the box server configuration or management tools. It needed to be simple to use, affordable, secure, and scalable, with the ability to handle millions of visitors per site. After thousands of hours, endless cups of coffee, and a too many sleepless nights, Convesio was born.

Convesio is next generation of managed WordPress hosting; the first self-healing, autoscaling, platform-as-a-service for creating and managing WordPress sites.

Now that we have built the platform we need your help taking it to market. Your financial support will help us scale sales, marketing, customer support, and onboarding. Empowering us to provide an amazing product and customer experience for agencies switching to Convesio.

– Tom Fanelli, CEO/Founder

Tom Fanelli, Convesio Founder

Convesio is proud to offer an investment opportunity to our community of WordPress professionals. Together, we can redefine WordPress hosting!

Why We Chose CrowdFunding

WordPress is about community – developers, designers, and more, whose passion propels the worldwide success of WordPress. We weighed the options for raising money from angel investors, traditional VC’s, and crowdfunding, because we wanted to choose a route that not only honored the spirit of the WordPress community, but also enabled those who believe as we do to come with us on this amazing journey.

By participating with us, you can own equity in Convesio and be part of the next generation of WordPress hosting. You will be part of the family, in the loop, and instrumental in helping us take Convesio to the next level. This is not just about money, this is about having a seat at the table in a core group of people who are going to shape the future of WordPress hosting, performance, and security. If you have ever been frustrated because traditional hosting providers seem disconnected from your needs, this is your chance to help us build a platform fueled by the community.

If you would like to view our pitch deck, request more information, or have questions, please contact us at

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What is an Equity CrowdFunding Campaign?

Equity crowdfunding provides a way for individuals (non accredited investors) to invest and participate in investment opportunities and reap the benefits. Which means you will own a part of Convesio!

How Much Can You Invest?

The minimum investment amount is set at $100.

Is WeFunder Regulated?

Very much so!  Together, the SEC and FINRA wrote around 1,000 pages of regulations that WeFunder complies with.

What Will We Do With The Money?

We have spent the last year building our platform and are now ready to launch to the public. Funds raised during this campaign will be used to scale sales, marketing, customer on-boarding, and support.

When Can You Invest?

Our equity crowdfunding campaign will launch on Monday July 1, 2019. Make sure to view us on WeFunder for detailed information on how you can invest.

Reasons You’ll Want To Invest

(Just to name a few)

The Market

WordPress is the standard for creating websites, used by agencies, designers and developers, it now powers over 75MM websites and is over 60% Share of content management systems. No signs of slowing down.

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The Product

Our Tech is highly differentiated from others on the market. We have a completely different approach than traditional hosting providers and the market is ready for the next evolution.

The Team

Our team has deep knowledge of the market, audience, and technology. Our backgrounds include successful startups, exits, and an IPO. Our CEO has led global teams in excess of 300 heads with P&L responsibility over $130MM in startups and large public companies.

The Opportunity

You have a chance to get into a great market with cool tech and a proven team at a really early stage, when our competitors have raised in excess of $400MM!

Become an Investor.

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Investor Perks

Not only will you have equity in Convesio, you will get perks based on your investment amount.

$500 Investment

Receive free hosting for 1 site for 1 year.

Valued at $300

$1,000 Investment

Receive free hosting for 1 site for 1 year.

Valued at $300

$10,000 Investment

Receive free hosting for 20 sites for 1 year.

Valued at $6,000

$25,000 Investment

Receive free hosting for 30 sites for 1 year.

Valued at $9,000

$50,000+ Investment

Receive a free hosting for 50 sites for 1 year or the equivalent for a private cluster for 1 year!

Valued at over $15,000