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Managed Services

We’ve partnered with world-class agencies to offer a variety of managed services, ranging from HIPAA-compliance to performance tuning.



Our cutting-edge security infrastructure makes it an excellent choice for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that need to be HIPAA compliant.


Speed Optimization

Our site optimization service offers an affordable way to improve your WordPress site speed. We look at everything, including your WordPress database, WordPress plugins, external HTTP requests, WordPress caching plugins, and everything else that can impact the load time of a web page.

WooCommerce Maintenance

Our WooCommerce maintenance service by Saucal ensure that your site’s plugins, themes, and core code are always up-to-date and secure. Don’t worry about security vulnerabilities or outdated plugins ever again.

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Load Testing

Not sure which plan you need? Let us run a load test for you. Load testing takes the guess work out of selecting the right hosting plan your WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Scaling events are simulated by using tools that generate increasing volumes of artificial traffic. Engineers can then determine what processes are affected by the surge – and at what point the website becomes too slow or crashes.

Managed Accessibility

Our managed accessibility plans by AccessiCart ensure that you are consistently removing barriers for people with disabilities. Open your website to many more users and meet legal standards with confidence.


Managed SEO

SEO is the topmost priority for every website that cares about visibility. Our experienced set of professionals can implement strategies that improve your search engine results. We also make it easy to see how our efforts are paying off over time.

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