Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing Starting at $15/Month

WordPress pricing starting at only $15 per site/month.

“Convesio is completely different from anything out there and provides unmatched speed, security, and scalability for my clients.”

Eric Dunn
COO at Evolve Marketing

“Since migrating to Convesio my page load speed went from 4 seconds to just over 1 and my monthly hosting bill was reduced.”

Rob Stuart
Owner at Safe Operations Group

“What impressed me the most was the backend speed, which went from pain to supersonic. I think I found the perfect hosting solution.”

Pat Racco
CEO at Tapwise

Deploy a WordPress site within seconds and determine if a site needs one container or multiple containers.

Configuring resources has never been easier! All sites include*:

60 Sec Uptime Monitoring

Auto Scaling

Automated Backups

Free SSL Certificates

Dev & Staging

24/7 World-Class Support

Built-in Caching

High Performance

  • Starter
    • $ 15 USD Monthly
      • A low cost container designed for smaller websites with the ability scale during traffic surges.
      • Good for small business websites, local service providers, landing pages, and blogs.
      • 10,000 Monthly Visitors
      • 512MB Memory
      • 1 vCPU/Single Thread
      • 4 PHP Workers
      • 5GB Storage
      • Load Balanced
      • Distributed Cache
      • 3x Burstable
      • Add-ons: Storage, DB Storage

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Most Popular
  • High Traffic
    • $ 25 USD Monthly
      • Designed for high traffic sites that need constant speed under load with the ability to scale up during traffic surge.
      • Good for high traffic sites and mostly cached content.
      • 25,000+ Monthly Visitors
      • 1GB Memory
      • 2 vCPU/Single Thread
      • 8 PHP Workers
      • 10GB Storage
      • Load Balanced
      • Distributed Cache
      • ∞ burstable
      • Add-ons: Storage, DB Storage, DB Cluster

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  • Compute Intensive
    • $ 50 USD Monthly
      • Designed for sites that need more CPU, Workers and Memory plus scaling and performance.
      • Good for eCommerce sites, membership sites, digital download, plugin intensive.
      • 25,000+ Monthly Visitors
      • 2GB Memory
      • 4 vCPU/Single Thread
      • 16 PHP Workers
      • 10GB Storage
      • Load Balanced
      • Distributed Cache
      • ∞ burstable
      • Add-ons: Storage, DB Storage, DB Cluster

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Get help calculating pricing on all of your websites.

Our handy pricing calculator allows you to input number of sites with a few questions about your sites then calculates your pricing.


Large agencies, enterprises and sites with over a million visits – Get your own private cluster.


What Do You Mean by High-Availability?

Traditional WordPress hosting has many single points of failure from the web server, to database. Convesio was designed to eliminate each of these failure points. Starting with our multi threaded load balancers, WordPress containers, file system, and clustered database architecture. Each of these aspects of our platform ensures unprecedented uptime and performance.

How are you different than other managed WordPress providers?

Convesio is a next generation platform for hosting WordPress sites. Unlike traditional WordPress hosting solutions, Convesio addresses limitations in shared and VPS hosting by providing a multi-tenant, redundant environment powered by Docker Containers. Each site running on the platform is backed by a redundant file system, database cluster, scalable PHP Runtime, and self healing architecture.

What is the Difference Between Convesio and Other Hosting Providers?

Convesio is a completely new platform, built from the ground up specifically for WordPress. Every component in our system has been implemented in a way that maximizes speed, security, and scaling. We do not leverage cPanel, Apache, Nginx or many of the other standard technologies utilized in hosting WordPress. We have a completely custom built load balancer and caching layer with all resources running inside Docker containers.

Convesio’s pricing is usage based, similar to cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Each site can run in a single container or multiple containers, depending on your needs. We offer monthly and hourly pricing on all containers. Each site has auto scaling enabled, so if you hit a traffic surge the platform will automatically scale your site up and you will be billed for additional containers at the hourly rate. Please see our FAQ s below for common questions regarding billing.

KartHost trusts Convesio with their websites and says having “peace of mind is priceless.”

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No more troubleshooting server issues or downtime.

Our team of experts monitors your site obsessively. If anything goes wrong we are alerted within a minute and intervene to address the issue.

Don’t wait for support agents to respond to get assistance.

Our team of experts is available to assist with tasks like: launching new sites, SSL issue, Performance Optimization, Troubleshooting Site Issues, DNS, Security and more.

You’ll never have to deal with tedious WordPress migrations.

We know switching is a pain, so we have made it easy with are team of migration experts. We will move your site and do before after performance tests to show the difference.

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