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While other hosts charge for add-ons, Convesio comes with everything you need. No tricks, hidden costs, or exorbitant fees.


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Your business outcomes are just as important as your technical needs.

In addition to our premier hosting benefits, we offer complete solutions to continuously improve performance.


Save Over $1,000 with Convesio Scalable WordPress Hosting

Other hosts charge you additional fees for add-ons that we include for free.

Do the math: you’ll save hundreds per month with Convesio scalable hosting.

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Plan: Business 300

Everything you need to create your store, ship products, and process payments

Total = $300 / month with Convesio

other hosts

CloudFlare Enterprise ($500+/month)​

Patchman Malware Scanning ($75/month)

Redis ($100/month)

Monarx AI Security ($100/month)

Object Cache Pro ($97/month)

Human Presence Bot Detection ($4/month)

Real-time Support ($500+/month)

Total = $1,000+ / month in extra fees


Power & Scalability Backed By a Seasoned Team of Engineers

Not just scalability. We’ve boosted performance by integrating best-of-breed solutions and our level of support is unmatched in the industry.

Business Enterprise Agency
WordPress Installs 1 1 5+
Container-Based Distributed Architecture
Clustered Database Design
Load Balancing
Managed Auto Scaling
NVMs SSD Storage
Choice of Server Type
Choice of Database Type
One-Click Site Cloning
Scheduled & On-Demand Backups
Cloudflare Enterprise Advanced Advanced Advanced
Cloudflare Workers Custom Workers Custom Workers Paid Option
Redis Paid Option
Object Cache Pro Paid Option
Enterprise DDos Mitigation
Intelligent Threat Detection
Automated Malware Protection
Web Access Rules
Free Malware Cleanup Paid
Free SSL
24/7 Expert Support
Proactive Monitoring & Resolution
Application Support Advanced Basic
ScaleOps Support Advanced Basic
Live Event Support Paid Option Paid Option
Application Performance Monitoring Consulting & Diagnostics Paid Option
Advanced Performance Optimization Paid Option Included Paid Option
Chat & Ticket Support
Slack Support Paid Option
Account Management
Performance Reviews Quarterly On Demand Yearly
Free Migration Basic Advanced Basic
Capacity Planning During Trial (inc. Load Testing) Paid Option Included Refundable
30-day Performance Review Paid Option
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Frequently Asked Questions

Convesio is a completely new scalable WordPress hosting platform, built from the ground up specifically to scale WordPress. Every component in our system has been implemented in a way that maximizes speed, security, and scaling. We do not leverage cPanel, Apache, Nginx or many of the other standard technologies utilized in to scale WordPress sites on hosting provider. We have a completely custom built load balancer and caching layer with all resources running inside Docker containers

Convesio’s pricing is usage based, similar to cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Each site can run in a single container or multiple containers, depending on your needs. We offer monthly and hourly pricing on all containers. Each site has auto scaling enabled, so if you hit a traffic surge the platform will automatically scale your site up and you will be billed for additional containers at the hourly rate.

Scaling is in our DNA. The original vision was to build a platform to make scaling WordPress both easy and affordable, and it was designed specifically for that. Rather than build Convesio on legacy tech we opted for Docker, which is much more fit for purpose and distinguish us from other hosting provider.

Traditional WordPress hosting has many single points of failure from the web server, to database. Convesio was designed to eliminate each of these failure points. Starting with our multi threaded load balancers, WordPress containers, file system, and clustered database architecture. Each of these aspects of our platform ensures unprecedented uptime and performance.

WordPress websites auto-scaling is a feature that automatically adjusts server resources to meet the changing demands of a WordPress website. Convesio’s auto-scaling works in real-time for WordPress site hosting, detecting changes in high-traffic websites and adjusting resources accordingly.