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Professional Services

WordPress Ops, Managment & Consultancy

Professional Services

WordPress Ops, Managment & Consultancy

Helping you engineer high-performance WordPress websites

A complete package to host and fully support high-volume WooCommerce stores.

Tap into our team’s wealth of experience building, hosting, optimizing and securing WordPress.

We are available for one-off tasks or for ongoing engagements to take WordPress Ops off your team’s plate.

This is not you standard support and maintenance service. Business outcomes are just as important as technical ones, so we take a more consultative approach and not just fix things. We can help with WordPress speed optimization, security, complex solutions as well as best practice operations.

Here’s our advantage: we’ve built the hosting platform WordPress sits on and can fine-tune every layer of the stack.

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Technical Audits

Starting with performance reviews and load testing and digging deep into WordPress’ configuration to spot conflicts and inefficiencies. We’ll deliver our recommendations as an list for your developers to action.

Edge Speed Optimization

Surgical optimization based on your website’s unique set up and the types of interactions and functions it handles. We also leverage Cloudflare’s edge to boost performance before a request is made to the server.

Advanced WordPress Security

Aimed at businesses that require additional steps to secure their WordPress instance, customer data and IP. We’ll layer additional security tools and services on top of our existing stack.

Complex WordPress Migrations

Some of the more complex WordPress installations can’t be migrated by using a simple plugin. A manual approach ensures functionality doesn’t break, data integrity isn’t compromised and downtime limited or avoided altogether.

White Glove Managed Updates

We plan and carry out updates manually following methodology typically adopted for software release, including developing custom test cases to make sure mission-critical functions don’t break.


We can help plan, deliver and manage part or the full scope of your WordPress ops, as one-off projects or on a retainer basis. Or act as independent consultants to review your team’s or agency’s work.

Who we work with

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Startups & Scaleups

We help startups set a solid foundation for growth. Our platform was designed for WordPress at scale, so a perfect fit for an entrepreneur’s ambitions, but we can also advise on best practice development and management strategies.

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IT & Marketing Departments

Businesses of all sizes engage with us so that they don’t have to tap into valuable internal resources to manage their WordPress websites, whether they need a one-off consultancy or want to outsource management entirely.

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WooCommerce Stores

Milliseconds count when you’re running a successful eCommerce operations. We can optimize your WooCommerce store for performance and ensure it can handle a high level of concurrency. Check out our free WooCommerce hosting review offer too.

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We work with creative, marketing and SEO agencies that prefer to outsource technical aspects of building WordPress websites to a trusted partner.

Lakes Region Vacation Rentals

3 X Faster than Airbnb

The vacation rentals market is particularly tough for local operators as they compete with AirBnb and a raft of booking portals.

However, AirBnb’s algorithms are no match with Lakes Region Vacation Rental’s deep knowledge of the area and can’t leverage relationships they’ve grown locally. But Lakes Region Vacation Rentals need to make sure that great customer experience extends online too and delight prospective guests the moment they land on their website.

With a page load speed of 1.4s guests are not left waiting and can quickly find the information they need. SEO benefits from fast load times too.

The website was built by Group6 Interactive in partnership with our Pro Services team to deliver great performance and security

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Free Consultation Offer

Our team will perform some tests and get back to you with a list of recommendations to boost performance and security.