Secure WordPress Hosting

Protecting our customers' WordPress sites from malware, bots, Denial-of-Service attacks, and more. See how we stand above other managed WordPress hosts when it comes to keeping your WordPress site safe and secure.

Security by Design

Every WordPress site on Convesio is deployed to its own fully isolated container. This is unlike other WordPress hosting providers, where a compromised WordPress website on the same server can infect yours. Our unique hosting environment allows for significantly more security features.

A Complete Security Suite for Your WordPress Website

Unlike most other managed WordPress hosting providers, we have deployed Patchman, Human Presence and a number of other security apps. These work around the clock to prevent malware and bots that can compromise your WordPress website. Other hosting providers either charge extra for more security features or don’t include them at all.

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You’re In Control

Utilize advanced HTTP / HTTPS enforcement tool, country based access rules, malware scanning, and a wide range of security protocols and policies. Unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers, Convesio is truly committed to being a flexible, secure WordPress hosting solution.

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World-Class WordPress Hosting Infrastructure

Convesio is built on Google Cloud and AWS, leaders in performance and security. These allow us to build a truly secure WordPress hosting solution that goes above and beyond legacy hosts.

We take responsibility for your website’s security.

With Convesio, security is not an extra paid service. Unlike other WordPress hosting providers, we don’t tell our customers, “Sorry, we can’t help.” We work hard to keep your site secure and if there’s a problem, we’ll solve it.

WordPress security is at the core of what we do.

Starting with our infrastructure: our stack is protected by industry-leading applications and complemented by a suite of specialist WordPress solutions. Other web hosting providers tend to skimp on serious infrastructure and instead choose the absolute cheapest option. As you can imagine, this is why many WordPress hosting companies have a poor record for security.

We also work with our customers to implement and configure security plugins for the front-end such as WordFence or WebARX. We can also work with you to implement your own security features and preferences.

This provides a robust security layer – but our commitment doesn’t stop there. We monitor customer websites 24/7 and if we find malware we get on the case straight away.

Our promise to you: if your website is infected we will fix it for free. This is what makes us stand out from competitors as a WordPress hosting company.

“Our promise to you: if your website is infected we will fix it for free.”

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Tom Fanelli
CEO, Convesio

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Advanced WordPress Security Settings

Available for each website via our dashboard:

Want to try our security tools? Sign up for a 30-day free trial (no credit card required).


Next-Gen WordPress Security

We partner with solution providers at the cutting edge of WordPress security to ensure that your site is secure around the clock.

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Patchman is a server-level solution that detects and fixes vulnerabilities and malware. It runs behind the scenes — customers do not have to install, configure it or be aware of it.

  • Patchman detects vulnerabilities, extracts security fixes from new releases and backports them to all earlier versions
  • Malware is automatically detected and quarantined.

We are alerted when Patchman finds an issue and double check that it has cleaned up the problem correctly.

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Human Presence has developed a behaviour analysis engine that detects and eliminates 99% of all malicious bot spam, which is a common issue for many WordPress sites.

  • It’s invisible to website visitors and more effective than more popular solutions such as Recaptcha, Akismet Anti-Spam or Honeypot.
  • Protects forms, comments and reviews
  • Stops data and content being scraped from your website
  • Stops analytics spam

Aggregate bot data recorded across all of our servers allows us to implement additional blocks further ‘upstream’ on our network.

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Want to learn more about WordPress security?

Get in touch with one of our Sales Engineers to discuss our security stack.