WooCommerce Hosting 

Convesio was built to handle large spikes in traffic so your online shop doesn't shut down when a crowd turns up.
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Your Woo-Woes Solved

Hosting high-traffic, high transaction volume WooCommerce stores has become much easier.


Convesio was designed to handle multiple orders per second.

Consistently fast

Auto scaling resources ensures page load times remain low as traffic spikes.

Black Friday-proof

Set-and-forget scaling capability so you're never caught out by surges in traffic.


Don't budget for peak usage. With Convesio you only pay-as-you-scale.


Deploying Docker Technology To Handle High-Volume WooCommerce Transactions

We host WordPress on Docker containers, which feature dedicated resources just like a VPS.

When more resources are needed additional containers are automatically deployed to share the load and keep WooCommerce running fast. Containers can be deployed even across physical servers.

Once resource levels are back to normal the extra containers are decomissioned.

Set up auto scaling in under a minute - no SysAdmin required

Page load times remain fast throughout Black Friday-type  events

WP Admin is fast too, so you can quick update your SKUs

Integrated with Cloudflare Enterprise fined tuned to work with WooCommerce

Only pay for additional resources when they are needed


Bulletproof Your Online Store

A complete package to host and fully support high-volume WooCommerce stores.
Based on our Performance Plan. Fine tuned for each WooCommerce store.

Scales up to 10 containers, so 10X the plan's specs

Choice of server and database types

Cloudflare Edge Performance optimization

Server level caching with exception rules set to exclude critical WooCommerce functionality

Advanced page speed optimization

24/7 monitoring and proactive resolution of issues

24/7 priority support via email, chat and a private Slack channel

Managed WordPress security with automated malware scanning: we'll fix any hacks for free

Plan Specs

  • 2 GB Memory
  • 4 vCPU/Single Thread
  • 16 PHP Workers
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Load Balanced
  • Distributed Cache
  • ∞ Burstable
  • Cloudflare Enterprise

From $150 / month


Milliseconds Matter When You're Selling Gold

With prices being updated every minute and global events driving demand, Melbourne Mint relies on Convesio to keep customers completing high-value transactions quickly and safely.
Thanks to the team at Convesio, our sites are trouble free. Tom & the team have been supportive, friendly, efficient and reasonably priced.

I would highly recommend Convesio for any company that seeks dependability and friendly service.

-- Ruth London, - Melbourne Mint


Get Help Configuring WooCommerce for Success

Scalable hosting makes a big difference but there's more you can do to set up a high-performance instance of WooCommerce.

Our Professional Services team can help you fine-tune WooCommerce to handle them most challenging scenarios, addressing technical, operational and security pain points that have held your store's performance back.

We do this by:

Auditing the 'current state' set up to identify issues and bottlenecks

Analyze traffic patterns and user purchase behavior

Optimize WordPress and WooCommerce and setting custom rules for server side caching

Advanced 'edge' optimization: leveraging our integration with CloudFlare Enterprise

Extensive load testing to determine what level of resources are needed (via Pro Services)

Determine the best hosting configuration

Ongoing support and expert consultation

Cover of a WooCommerce hosting load testing report by Convesio

We prepare comprehensive load testing reports for our customers


Crash-Proof Your
WooCommerce Store for Black Friday

Your store shouldn’t shut down if a crowd of shoppers turns up!

Convesio Docker-powered auto scaling capability is perfect for Black Friday

Handle multiple orders per second

The website keeps loading fast for a consistently good UX

Mitigate the risk of a slow WordPress admin so your team can quickly update content and SKUs

Need advice? Get in touch for free advice for your WooCommerce hosting requirements.

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Request a Free Review of Your WooCommerce Store

We'll run some tests and get back to you with a recommendation of what the next steps are to get your store performing at its best.


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