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When I was running my design agency a few years back, I spent a lot of my downtime working. You know the drill, customers calling outside of office hours because of some kind of problem with their site. More often than not, the problem was hosting-related.

As a business owner, it’s already hard enough trying to take off time to relax! But with dozens of clients hosting their sites with our agency, we had a responsibility to ensure their sites were always online and running smoothly.

Unfortunately, our hosting provider didn’t make this easy for us — which led to all that time spent on the phone with clients who were upset because their site was down.

When I got tired of dealing with the same old hosting problems on repeat, I went searching for “unicorn” hosting that could meet our agency’s needs. What I wanted was fairly straightforward: hosting that was redundant, managed backups, and could scale, all for a reasonable price.

I discovered a couple of providers that offered the kind of high-availability redundancy I needed, but they were way too expensive at $400 a month for one site. Most agencies simply can’t afford that, or would prefer to allocate that money somewhere else.

I was frustrated. The competition was offering shared and VPS hosting that was prone to zero points of failure — hosting which just doesn’t cut it for agencies that want to know their client sites won’t go down.