WordPress Hosting for
Virtual Events Websites 

Convesio unique container-based platform addresses the most demanding requirements of high-concurrency virtual events

True auto scaling capability out of the box

Hosted on high-speed infrastructure

Expert support on standby

Easy and quick to set up. Very cost effective

Illustration representing an event being run via an online conferencing platform


Don't let technical issues get in the way of hosting a great event

Convesio works behind the scenes to ensure you audience has the best possible experience 

Capacity Planning

To determine required resources pre-event, during the event and post-event.

Hosting Config

This can be done quickly: our platform was designed to handle scaling events.

Event Day

Convesio will scale up when needed and down again when as attendees leave the event. Automatically.

Pro Support

We monitor infrastructure KPIs 24/7 and our team is on standby if there are any issue.


Scaling WordPress to Handle WP Agency Summit, the Largest WordPress Virtual Conference

Learn how Convesio helped Atarim serve 2M+ requests to 6K visitors from 91 countries in two days.
Screenshot of a video case study about Atarmi's WP Summit event
"These are insane numbers, just to really understand what we're dealing with. And to get to a place where everything is nice and smooth as it is inside the venue when people are jumping between the lounge and the live sessions, or between the different booths, is a huge undertaking."

-- Vito Pelleg, CEO - Atarim


How Convesio Scales During Virtual Events

When an event kicks off you get hundreds if not thousands of users trying to register, log in or run functionality all at the same time. WordPress will fall over unless your hosting can scale.

1. Pre and post event: WordPress runs on the minimum number of containers

Think of a container as a mini VPS with its own dedicated resources. With Convesio, you can set the minimum and maximum numbers of containers to run on in the Dashboard.

When traffic is low before and after an event, Convesio will run on the minimum number of containers. This means you are not using and paying for capacity you don't need.

2. A surge in traffic triggers scaling. More containers deploy to share the load

With each additional container you 2x, 3X, 4X, etc... your resources, so WordPress keeps running fast.

Convesio scales up automatically to handle handful to thousands of concurrent users, and back down when the event has concluded.  The additional capacity if charged by the hour and is capped too.

3. WordPress scales across clusters of servers

This is called horizontal scaling and difficult to achieve with a traditional VPS set up (and very expensive too).

If an event attracts a particularly high level of attendees and extra containers fill capacity of a physical server, additional ones deploy to other ones.


Scalable WordPress Hosting Tailored to Your Event's Needs

Delivering the right amount of resources at every state of the event lifecycle

Starting with our Performance Plan, and adding as much scaling capacity as needed.

Scales up to 10 containers, so 10X the plan's specs

Choice of server and database types

Cloudflare Edge Performance optimization

Server level caching with exception rules set to exclude critical event functionality

Advanced page speed optimization

24/7 monitoring and proactive resolution of issues

24/7 priority support via email, chat and a private Slack channel

Managed WordPress security with automated malware scanning: we'll fix any hacks for free

Plan Specs

  • 2 GB Memory
  • 4 vCPU/Single Thread
  • 16 PHP Workers
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Load Balanced
  • Distributed Cache
  • ∞ Burstable
  • Cloudflare Enterprise

From $150 / month

An important note about pricing
Our competitors such as WP Engine, Kinsta, Pagely and Pantheon run a very different hosting stack. You'll end up paying a much a much higher premium for a solution that isn't as effective as ours.

Convesio was built for scalability. It's in our DNA. It will cost you less.  


Your Trusted Technical Partners

For larger events and total peace of mind, we can offer an additional level of support

A dedicated resource will work with you to review your current set up, identify and mitigate risks, plan capacity, and monitor key resource metrics on event day, and resolve any issues if they arise.

Auditing the 'current state' set up to identify issues, bottles necks and risks

Optimize WordPress and mitigate risks of any rogue process affecting performance

Advanced 'edge' optimization: leveraging our integration with CloudFlare Enterprise

Capacity planning based on expected volumes of traffic and engagement.

Extensive load testing to confirm the required level of resources and scaling

Set up and configuration of monitoring tools

Dedicated resources on standby during the event

Graph showing WordPress hosting load testing resutls
Load testing is a key step in the process to determine what level of resources are needed.


Talk to an Expert to Discuss Your Requirements

Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your needs and demo our platform
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