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How does auto scaling work?

Here is a link to the best page we have on Autoscaling. It’s Convesio’s speciality: https://convesio.com/features/auto-scaling-wordpress/

Autoscaling is a feature that enables a system to automatically scale up or down its resources (such as CPU, memory, etc.) based on its workload. Autoscaling is used to optimize the performance and cost of a system by ensuring that the right amount of resources are available at the right time.

There are several ways that autoscaling can be implemented, depending on the specific needs of the system. One common approach is to use predefined rules or thresholds to trigger the scaling of resources. For example, a rule might specify that if the average CPU utilization of a group of servers is above 80% for a sustained period of time, then an additional server should be added to the group to help distribute the load.

Other approaches to autoscaling involve using machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns in the workload and predict when to scale resources up or down. These algorithms can be trained on historical data to learn the optimal scaling strategy for a particular system.

Overall, the goal of autoscaling is to ensure that a system has the right amount of resources to handle its current workload, while minimizing costs when possible.

Updated on August 9, 2023

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