WordPress Hosting for Startups

You have a business to grow. Not hosting to worry about.

Set a rock-solid foundation for your digital ambitions.

Convesio is a next-gen WordPress hosting platform designed from the ground up for performance, security & scalability.
  • Docker-based solution – WordPress runs in a minimum of 9 containers
  • True auto-scaling – to handle traffic spikes as you promote your business
  • High performance – we deploy websites to Google Cloud
  • Easy WordPress management – via our propriety and feature-rich dashboard
  • 24/7 pro-active support – we monitor websites in 1-minute intervals
The best part? You get VPS-like performance minus the complexity and headaches, from only $50 a month.
San Francisco Bay Area startup, GreenBits, who recently raised $27MM in venture capital funding for their cannabis point of sale solutions chose Convesio for their website relaunch.

Switching from HubSpot to Convesio dropped their load time from 5.3 to 1.8 seconds and their PageSpeed score went from a D to a B!

GTMetrix Scores from D to B

Startups: It takes one to know one

It wasn’t long ago that Convesio was just a crazy idea: to disrupt the WordPress hosting market with a new solution 10X better than anything else.

A vision was born out of the frustration of not being able to find a reliable provider that could support growing businesses. WordPress needs to scale as much as revenue Even the most reputable hosts were – and still are – selling a legacy product.

It took us two years of development, testing, failing, re-building, failing again and eventually succeeding, to transform that idea into reality. It wasn’t just the team believing in the project, over 800 investors did as well, to to the tune of over $1M that we raised via a Wefunder campaign.

This is our story. But what we are really interested in, is yours. Where do you want to be three years from now?

Wherever that place is, whatever your crazy idea is… we hope you take us along on that journey. You can rest assured that we’ll take good care of your website.

Low cost (without the compromises)
Price is low by design. Our solution is extremely efficient, leverages Google Cloud infrastructure and doesn’t require an army of SysAdmins to manage it. The cost savings go back in your pocket.
Enterprise-grade performance
We’ve removed the bottlenecks that traditional hosting platforms have that slow WordPress down, which is why our customers consistently achieve much faster page load times.
Complexity removed and easy to use
The Convesio dashboard is your control centre. Check the health of your site, install SSL, configure backup schedules, security polices, caching and much more… at the click of a button.
We’ve got your back and are here to support you
We monitor every site in 1 minute intervals and if something isn’t quite right an engineer will be right on the case. Any questions? Expert support is available 24/7 via chat or Slack.
FREE SSL Certificates
Free Daily Backups
Two-Factor Authentication

How Convesio Works


On shared hosting you’re competing for resources with hundreds of other websites sitting on the same server, which is often over-subscribed.


With a VPS you are allocated your own dedicated resources on a server. The smarter solutions scale up but not down and remain a ‘single point of failure’. They need to be looked after by a SysAdmin too.

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Convesio deploys websites to Docker containers featuring their own dedicated resources. If more resources are needed the platform will automatically spin up additional containers, even across servers.
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