Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Introducing our next generation platform for mission-critical websites

Enterprise Hosting Just Got a Lot Simpler

Enterprise WordPress hosting doesn’t have to mean complex, expensive and high maintenance.

We’ve approached it differently – building a platform that is scalable, fast and redundant by design.

Convesio is the first WordPress hosting solution to offer true auto-scaling, self healing and without single points of failure.

IT Managers love us because hosting WordPress becomes one less thing to worry about.

  • Simplicity – The same solution handles personal blogs or high-traffic eCommerce websites
  • Security – Proactive malware scanning, cleaning and vulnerability patching
  • Speed – We consistently outperform our competitors
  • Price – Convesio delivers more and costs less – just ask us for a quote 
Docker-based Architecture
Deployed to Google Cloud
Multi-layered Security
CloudFlare Enterprise Included
24 / 7 Proactive Monitoring
Full-scope Managed WordPress Hosting

Learn more… about our solution.

Next-Gen WordPress Hosting Based on Docker Technology

Convesio was conceived to solve many of problems affecting the traditional VM design, a legacy approach that has changed very little over last 15 years.

Inspired by decentralized and distributed models, Convesio routes traffic across multiple instances of the same WordPress website enabling both high availability and true horizontal scaling.

Resulting in more redundancy, a much faster performance and lower costs.

Microservices Approach

Layered Architecture
True Horizontal Scaling
No Single Point of Failure
Multi-Node Design
But that’s not all. We have partnered with industry leaders to boost performance and security even more.

Introducing Our Professional Services

We offer a range of services to take WordPress hosting Ops off your team’s plate.
Enterprise WordPress Management

A maintenance and support plan covering deployments and ongoing management tailored for your specific technical and workflow requirements.

We also optimize the backend to make sure your team doesn't experience a slow WordPress admin.

Advanced WordPress Security

To manage the full scope of WordPress security with, deeper scanning, breach detection and remediation. Rapid response and resolution times are covered by our SLA. Learn more about secure WordPress hosting.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Our platform is built for speed but we also fine-tune WordPress and leverage edge optimization, aiming for a under two second page load times. We start by performing a website load testing to determine how much capacity you need.  Request a free page speed optimization analysis and we’ll explain how.

Consultancy Services

Our team is available for one-off consultancies or ongoing engagements where you can access our engineers, developers and UX specialists via a dedicated Slack Channel.

Need more support? We can set up a dedicated channel on Slack where you can access our team of enginneers, developers and UX experts.


A Website Built On Solid Foundations

Proest helps construction companies quickly create accurate and competitive bids for their projects.

Their website was designed to deliver on the same promises as their service, and with a page load speed of under 2 seconds the audience is never left waiting.

Proest.com was designed and built by Group6 Interactive, a Convesio Agency Partner, who worked together with our team to speed up WordPress and achieve a PageSpeed Score of A(95%).

Visit proest.com

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Get in touch to discuss your requirements

We can demo you Convesio and discuss an end-to-end solution to host and manage your website.

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