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At Convesio, we’ve committed ourselves to creating a new system for hosting WordPress that enhances performance, security, availability and reduces down time. We know how important your online presence is and we’ve come up with a revolutionary new system that will help take your WordPress site to the next level.

We’re super excited to launch our new container based WordPress hosting system very soon! If you’re just as excited as we are but can’t wait any longer, you’re in luck… We’ve just entered the beta phase and welcome you to apply for early access.


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The biggest problem with WordPress isn’t in the platform itself or how we use it…

It's How We Host It.

Shared Hosting

Most WordPress websites are hosted using shared hosting, which works by putting a large number of websites on the same server to have those sites share certain resources (memory, CPUs, databases, etc.) With many budget hosting providers, each server may contain thousands of websites. If any one of those websites goes viral, gets hacked, or worse yet, becomes victim of a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS), every site on the server will feel the effects. Unfortunately, a Virtual Private Server isn’t going to solve these problems either.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become the work around solution for higher-end hosting providers. With a VPS, a site is isolated from the other sites on the server and not reliant on the mutual resources common with shared hosting. A VPS will protect a site from many of the problems with shared hosting, yet does not fix everything. A VPS does not protect from hardware failures, nor can it protect a site from slowdown due to the server being overwhelmed by another site’s traffic. The vast majority of VPS solutions still run on one server, a single point of failure.

We've Solved The Hosting Problems!


Our system uses a container based approach to isolate your website from the other sites on the server, thus protecting you from bad neighbors just like a VPS. However, unlike a VPS, Convesio can instantly spin up new containers (containing a complete, up-to-date version of your website) to load balance traffic on your site. Our system can create containers on multiple servers, sharing the load and eliminating the single point of failure. In addition to rock solid uptime, every site is is optimized with the fastest WordPress configuration around. Running PHP 7, a customized caching layer and distributed file system gives your site high availability, performance, and redundancy (just like this explanation). No plug-ins required!

Our benchmark testing shows a 200-400% increase in performance over specialized WordPress hosting providers.