WordPress Hacked?

Get hacked website repaired for free when you switch to Convesio

And if your site gets hacked again, we’ll fix it again.

How to keep your WordPress site from being hacked? Just create a Convesio account, then submit a free migration request. We’ll take it from there!

Get a safe, secure website up and running again when you switch to Convesio

Most websites can be up and running again within one business day.

After we troubleshoot your site and identify threats, malware, spam, and other malicious software, we’ll fix it for free when you switch hosting to Convesio for 1 year.

There are other benefits with Convesio, too:

Keep your site visitors safe with Convesio’s WordPress Malware Removal Service

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“Is my website hacked?”

We’ll find out. And if you’re sure something’s gone wrong, we’ll identify all of the compromised files and clean them up. We’ll also identify the likely source of the hack and patch it.

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Up and Running in Hours

Our malware removal teams will get your site running in about a day. Malware is highly variable, so we’ll handle each situation individually and keep monitoring it long into the future.

Avoid Google penalties

If your site is compromised for too long, you’ll be removed entirely from Google search results, AdWords, and more. We’ll help you avoid or remove the bright red warning screen and get your site back in Google search results.

Why move to Convesio during a site hack?

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Malware Removal and Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, yes, but if we think it’ll take more time we’ll let you know. This depends on a lot of factors, including the size of your site, the scope of the attack or injection, and traffic estimates.

There aren’t many automated services that can keep up with the constant change in threats. That’s why the best solution, like the best medical care, is to have talented professionals take a look and make a plan.

The malware removal and cleanup for your hacked site is free when you switch to Convesio for a year. View our hosting options, starting at $50/mo.

Convesio is focused primarily on WordPress sites right now. But submit your site for a review and we’ll take a look to offer suggestions.

The Internet is crawling with malicious bots that do nothing but look for vulnerabilities in WordPress, plugins, or other server infrastructure. Most vulnerabilities can be fixed and stopped by keeping plugins and WordPress up to date. With Convesio, you can opt to have us keep your site up-to-date for you, automatically.