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Getting Started with Convesio's WordPress + WooCommerce Hosting

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely-used, open-source content management system (CMS) primarily used for creating and managing websites and blogs. It offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of customizable themes and plugins, and robust functionality for content creation and organization.

WordPress allows users to publish and edit content easily, making it a popular choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to establish an online presence or manage their digital content efficiently.


What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a powerful open-source plugin tailored for WordPress, specifically crafted to facilitate e-commerce. Through WooCommerce, business owners can market and sell physical or digital products, efficiently handle inventory, securely process payments, and streamline the complexities of shipping logistics.

WooCommerce also comes with a wide array of customizable themes and extensions, WooCommerce enables businesses to tailor their online stores to meet their unique needs and branding preferences.

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Convesio's WordPress Hosting Features

Convesio’s innovative Docker-based technology allows sites to scale up and handle high amounts of traffic without compromising performance.

It’s a great choice for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that need reliable, dependable hosting – including enterprise brands, small business sites, agencies with multiple sites, and more.


WordPress Hosting Support and Security

WordPress is easy to use, but sometimes you still need help. 

Security is a must-have for any WordPress site. Make sure that your host has a robust infrastructure which protects sites from malware, bots, Denial-of-Service attacks, and more. 

WordPress for LMS and Membership Sites

Building a membership or learning management system (LMS) website? WordPress is a great choice, with tons of plugins, themes, and other tools vailable.

Convesio is designed for the unique problems faced by membership sites, including handling bursts of traffic, delivering digital products at scale, keeping member data secure, and more.

Convesio WordPress Hosting vs. Other Options

Is WordPress better than other hosting options? And what makes Convesio’s WordPress hosting better than other WordPress hosts? Compare us with other options to see the differences.

Scaling WordPress

Can WordPress scale? Absolutely – if you know what you’re doing. Check out our guides to scaling (and auto scaling) WordPress to learn more.

WordPress Hosting for Agencies

WordPress is a popular choice for agencies in every industry and in every location around the world. The sheer variety of tools, plugins, themes, and other items makes WordPress a great hosting platform for both large and small agencies.

Agencies need a host that ensures uptime, security, fast loading times, and knowledgable support staff. Convesio’s cutting-edge hosting platform has been designed from the ground up to handle large amounts of traffic across multiple websites, keeping page load times fast and uptime high. Plus, our support team is comprised of technical experts and is available 24/7 via Slack chat.