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Uptime When It Matters Most

Convesio keeps your website up and running when you need it most – during high-traffic sales events, flash sales, and when you go viral. That’s what makes us different from other hosts.


eCommerce-Focused Web Hosting That Won't Let You Down

Imagine this: you’re about to launch a major sales event for Black Friday. You press publish and send out emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, and other content on social media. Thousands of visitors come to your site and start making purchases. But then…your website crashes. All of those potential sales are now gone.

How can you avoid this nightmare scenario? By choosing a host that can handle high traffic bursts without compromising performance. That’s where Convesio comes in. Our hosting infrastructure was built from the ground up to have the highest website uptime possible, even during high traffic events.

If your business depends on your website, you need Convesio.

Defining "Uptime"

What Makes Us Different From Other Hosts?

When other hosts talk about uptime, they’re almost always referring to their infrastructure uptime. This means that your website may still be down, even when their infrastructure as a whole is online. As you can imagine, this is not very helpful – especially if you’re running a high-traffic eCommerce business.

Convesio is different.

When we talk about uptime, we’re referring to your website, not our overall instructure. So when we say 99.99% uptime, that means your website is up 99.99% of the time – even during high traffic events.

Under the Hood

World-Class Infrastructure

Convesio uses our own private cloud, with servers customized to a degree far exceeding the typical cloud hosting setup.

Our private cloud is hosted within world-class, Tier III data center spaces in the United States and Europe, ensuring high uptime, performance, and top-notch security – especially when you need it most.

Learn more about our infrastructure.


99.99% Website Uptime

For us, uptime means website uptime, not infrastructure uptime.

With Convesio, your website will be online and performing well around-the-clock.

Scaling When You Need It

Convesio’s innovative Docker-based technology allows us to auto scale resources only when your site needs them. This makes your website crash-proof, no matter how much traffic you get. Best of all, you only pay for the extra resources that you actually use.

Global Reach

We use Cloudflare, a content delivery network service provider with a giant network consisting of 165 data centers across 67 countries. This allows for quick page loading, no matter where your visitors are.

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The Next Generation of WordPress Hosting

More performance, scalability, security, and peace of mind = more happy customers.


Highest Website Uptime

For us, uptime means website uptime, not infrastructure uptime. Most other hosts are referring to infrastructure uptime in their marketing materials, not the actual uptime of your individual website.

With Convesio, your website will be online and performing well around-the-clock.

Our infrastructure page has extensive details on our data servers, security, and more.

If you’re running a sales promotion or other high-traffic event, you need a host that you can depend on. If you don’t choose a reliable host, you run the risk of losing sales and giving a bad impression to potential customers.