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Convesio vs. Liquid Web

Here at Convesio, we get a lot of requests from Liquid Web customers looking to choose a new host. While Liquid Web is a popular legacy managed host, they seem to have some issues, especially with WordPress sites.

On this page, we'll show how Convesio is a great Liquid Web alternative and help you decide which managed WordPress hosting service is best for you.



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How Convesio Compares to Liquid Web

Put simply: Liquid Web is a solid host if you have technical skills, don’t need a WordPress-specific host, and don’t mind paying more for extra features.

Liquid Web is a solid host, with good support ratings and a wide variety of products and plans available. However, their product offering can be a little overwhelming and it’s difficult to figure out exactly which plan you’ll need.

If you have the technical skills and knowledge to understand their site, this won’t be too much of a problem. If you aren’t technically-minded, however, you will probably have a difficult time picking a plan and then setting up your site, especially as Liquid Web uses cPanel and Plesk, which can be intimidating to many people. This is typical for legacy hosts like Liquid Web. Here at Convesio, on the other hand, we have created our own dashboard which is much simpler and user-friendly.

The other major issue with Liquid Web is that they don’t specialize in WordPress, but instead support a variety of different technologies, including Magento, VPS, VMware, Managed Windows hosting, and many other products. This is no doubt helpful if you have multiple sites all running separate tech. However, it also means that Liquid Web doesn’t have as much expertise for WordPress individually.

At Convesio, we focus exclusively on WordPress, which means that 100% of our attention is focused on one platform. This means we put all of our energy into supporting WordPress, rather than spreading our engineering and support teams across multiple disparate platforms. If you have a problem with your WordPress site, you can be assured that we can solve it.

Finally, Liquid Web charges extra for some features that are included by default with Convesio. This may or may not matter to you, but if, for example, you need consistent uptime (even under heavy traffic loads) Liquid Web will charge you significantly more than Convesio per month.


High Performance Hosting by WordPress Experts

Liquid Web has many different products available, including VPS, dedicated hosting, Magento, VMware, just to name a few. While this variety is helpful if you’re looking for a one-stop shop, it also means that their expertise is distributed across multiple, varying technologies. This lack of focus can often result in more minor issues arising, as the company may prioritize other platforms and invest less in WordPress.

Convesio, on the other hand, is 100% focused on WordPress. Our support team and engineering team is comprised entirely of WordPress experts. We don’t pretend to offer Magento or VPS hosting. Instead, we focus exclusively on WordPress. This means we have far deeper knowledge and expertise in hosting WordPress sites and in scaling them under heavy traffic loads.


Liquid Web is a very old host – 25 years old, in fact. While this is commendable, it also means that they have a legacy host attitude to many newer technologies. For example, auto scaling.

While Liquid Web does offer high performance web hosting that can handle huge amounts of traffic, their plans for this start at $1,000 a month or more. As such, they aren’t a good choice if you anticipate having a lot of traffic at once.


Convesio, on the other hand, is built on innovative Docker container technology. It’s a cutting-edge approach to WordPress hosting and it makes us unique amongst the legacy hosts that have been using the same technology for the last two decades.

Docker allows us to scale easily and handle incoming traffic without any issues. Plus, you’ll only pay for the extra computing power when you need it. This is unlike Liquid Web, which charges a flat fee whether you use the extra resources or not.

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With Convesio, Extras are Included

Convesio’s pricing is straightforward and transparent. All plans come with everything you need, including generous storage space, bandwidth, and enterprise software. Plus, we can offer you a free migration. to a dedicated server.

Liquid Web, on the other hand, is known for having a confusing pricing structure, similar to other legacy web hosts. Check out their Products page to understand what we mean. There are a huge variety of products, each with multiple plans and pricing variations. It is overwhelming, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, Convesio and Liquid Web provide very different types of hosting. Liquid Web is a “Swiss Army Knife” of tools for a variety of different website technologies. Convesio, on the other hand, is just the right tool for the right job. We focus exclusively on WordPress and don’t waste any energy on other platforms.



Another benefit to Convesio’s container based strategy is that enterprise grade software is added and included automatically. On Liquid Web, it costs additional fees.  If you review the pricing page of Liquid Web, they have many different extra fees for things like high performance.

Compare that to Convesio, which includes items like Redis ($100/mo), Nginx ($50/mo), Cloudflare Enterprise ($200/mo), Direct Slack Support ($500/mo), Monarx ($75/mo). While Liquid Web has lower starting costs, when you add in extras, it can cost vastly more for the same resources.  This makes Convesio a dramatically cheaper alternative.


Convesio is an expensive option to those that don’t need scalable infrastructure and we are honest about this. We’re happy to recommend our competitors when there’s a better fit, including Liquid Web!

However, Convesio is much more affordable when it comes to scalability.

We’ve productized scaling WordPress and have made it affordable for everyone. You save on set up costs, can get going in minutes and don’t need to engage a SysAdmin for maintenance.

We have also bundled in premium functions that you pay extra for with Liquid Web.


Key Security Features

When it comes to keeping your site safe, how do Liquid Web and Convesio compare?


Liquid Web doesn’t give a ton of information about their security practices. The pricing page only mentions that they use iThemes Security Pro, a well-known security plugin for WordPress. Other than that, there is no information at all about what they do to keep your site secure.

Liquid Web does offer a “Server Protection” add-on, which costs an extra $45 per month at minimum. This seems to indicate that their standard plans do not have a higher level of security.

So, if you want to ensure that your Liquid Web site is completely secure, you’ll need to add an extra $45 per month to your plan.

This is very different from Convesio. At Convesio, we include a ton of security features (including Cloudflare) with every plan. You don’t have pay extra and we handle it all for you automatically.


At Convesio, security is a top priority. All sites on Convesio are protected by a free Cloudflare integration, which includes an enterprise-level firewall with a custom ruleset and DDoS protection. With Cloudflare, you’ll get the benefits of enhanced security and performance – without having to manage your own Cloudflare account.

Some of Convesio’s key security measures include:

  • Monitoring sites every one minutes for uptime, 1440 times a day.
  • Real-time DDoS attack detection and mitigation.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) support, and automatic bans for IPs with rate limiting in effect from Cloudflare.
  • A dedicated Security Team to address malicious attackers, hacks, and exploits and will manually clean your site and identify plugins with issues.
  • Automated backups for all plans, so you never lose your site or data. We also store two weeks of backups at all times, with the possibility to increase data retention.
  • Only support for encrypted SFTP and SSH connections (no FTP).
  • Free Cloudflare SSL certificates with wildcard domain support.
  • Automatic security checks for every plugin installed to discover vulnerabilities and/or security issues leveraging Patchman and Monarx AI to identify malware and insecurities.



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What People Say About Convesio


When You Need Help, Can You Get It?

When it comes to support, both Convesio and Liquid Web have excellent reviews.  The main difference is that Convesio gives you direct access to their DevOps and system architect support teams via Slack. You can easily talk to us and share your problems or concerns. Best of all, each of our support engineers is an expert in WordPress.

Liquid Web, on the other hand, acquired a company named Nexcess to handle their WordPress and Magento support and management. This seems to indicate that you won’t be interacting directly with the Liquid Web team.


Liquid Web has a well-rated support system. However, since they are a larger host, this inevitably means that their level of individual support is significantly less.

Liquid Web acquired a company called Nexcess in 2019. They specialize in WordPress and Magento hosting. While it is easy to get support, there are a few levels of bureaucracy that you have to navigate through.

Finally, if your site needs to scale and handle high amounts of traffic in a short period of time, Liquid Web can come up short, especially in terms of support. When it comes to scaling container-based server architectures, Liquid Web simply doesn’t have the expertise and know-how that Convesio does. They do offer a scaling plan, but it starts at an extremely high price: over $1,100 per month!


With Convesio, you can get WordPress support with a quick turnaround time. Convesio staffs full-time WordPress experts that typically respond to chat messages in 30 seconds. Convesio provides 24/7 chat assistance and access via our Slack channel, which allows us to resolve technical issues without filing tickets or waiting for tier escalation support. Convesio also answers and investigates issues with WordPress that go far beyond simple server questions. 

Our support is 24/7, tier-less and goes the extra mile. We promise performance and scale and if this means diving deep into WordPress to resolve an issue we’ll do it.

We’ve adopted Slack as the main internal support channel. You’ll reach support first but any team member, or even multiple people, can jump in to help if needed. It’s not uncommon for our CEO, Tom Fanelli, to lend and a hand either.


Our Promise

Our platform delivers the performance you need at scale. But we also know that there are 100 different things that can go wrong. If they do, support is just one click away - 24/7. We'll do whatever it takes to help. Not upsell you to a more expensive plan.

Do You Want the Best WordPress Host Available?

Liquid Web is a solid host and their customers are largely happy with their hosting plans. However, it s designed more for technical users that know exactly what they’re looking for — and don’t mind managing the technical details themselves. They also support a huge variety of different products, which means they can’t put all of their resources into one.

Convesio, on the other hand, is a more focused company. We work only with WordPress and pride ourselves on being the absolute best experts with it. We also aim to make the hosting process painless for end users. That means we can handle all of the technical stuff for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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