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Secure WordPress Hosting

Secure WordPress Hosting: Cutting-Edge Security for WooCommerce and Other Platforms

Convesio’s security infrastructure provides a secure environment that protects sites from malware, bots, Denial-of-Service attacks, and more.

See how we stand above other hosts when it comes to keeping your WooCommerce site safe and secure.

Security Features

A Complete Security Suite for Your WordPress Website

Unlike most other managed WordPress hosting providers, we include a number of security features by default, without any extra charges.

These work around the clock to prevent malware and bots that can compromise your WordPress or WooCommerce website. Other hosting providers either charge extra for more security features or don’t include them at all.

WordPress Security by Design

Every WordPress site on Convesio is deployed to its own fully isolated container. This is unlike other WordPress hosting providers, where a compromised WordPress website on the same server can infect yours.

Additional Security Services with Automatic Backups

Our expert team of can fix security issues, no matter how complicated. As an additional service, we can perform ongoing security audits, pentesting, and more. As part of our premium security services, we also offer automatic backups to ensure your data is always protected.

Secure Infrastructure

Convesio is built on Google Cloud and OpenMetal, leaders in performance and secure WordPress hosting. Along with Cloudflare Enterprise, these tools allow us to build a truly secure hosting solution that goes above and beyond legacy hosts.

Additionally, every plan includes a free SSL certificate to ensure secure data transmission.

Our Promise

Convesio's Security Guarantee

With Convesio, security is not an extra paid service. Unlike other WordPress hosting providers, we don’t tell our customers, “Sorry, we can’t help.” We work hard to keep your site secure and if there’s a problem, we’ll solve it.

WordPress security is at the core of what we do.

Starting with our infrastructure: our stack is protected by industry-leading applications and complemented by a suite of specialist WordPress solutions. Other web hosting providers tend to skimp on serious infrastructure and instead choose the absolute cheapest option. As you can imagine, this is why many WordPress hosting companies have a poor record for security.

We also work with our customers to implement and configure security plugins for the front-end such as WordFence or WebARX. We can also work with you to implement your own security features and preferences.

This provides a robust security layer – but our commitment doesn’t stop there. We monitor customer websites 24/7. If we find malware, we get on the case immediately.

Our promise to you: if your website is infected, we will fix it for free. This is what makes us stand out from competitors.

Cloudflare + Monarx

Cloudflare Enterprise + Monarx Included with Every Plan.

Unlike most other hosts, we include a Cloudflare Enterprise plan on every Convesio-hosted site for free – a $500 value. Cloudflare is a must-have for any eCommerce / WooCommerce website that experiences high amounts of traffic. We also utilize Monarx for automatic malware protection.

Enterprise DDOS Protection

Enterprise-level DDOS protection from Cloudflare, an industry leader in network security.

Cloudflare Web Application Firewall

Our Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your site from attackers around the clock.

Malware Protection with Monarx

Monarx delivers automatic malware protection for your website, ensuring that any potential threats are eliminated ahead of time.

Try Convesio

Top-Notch Support for Growing eCommerce Businesses

Either in-app or via Slack, our team of experts are just a few clicks away for WordPress users. With response times usually under 5 minutes, our experts are an extension to your team.


Convesio Security

Yes, we use Cloudflare for all business-level accounts and above.

Yes, we offer DDOS protection via Cloudflare.

We use Monarx, which delivers automatic malware protection for your website, ensuring that any potential threats are eliminated ahead of time.

Convesio offers specialized WordPress hosting with advanced security features, unlike standard web hosting services. This includes optimizations for performance, enhanced security measures, dedicated support, and a superior user experience. Various web hosting providers offer specialized hosting services for WordPress, but Convesio stands out with its unique features tailored specifically for WordPress websites.