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Dedicated Server for WordPress: Convesio Alternative

Convesio’s WordPress hosting is powered by Docker containers and cluster technology. This enables seamless horizontal scaling and offers similar scalability benefits to cloud hosting, allowing for immediate upgrades with additional resources like CPU cores, RAM, and bandwidth. Convesio is perfect for sites with high traffic volumes and scaling requirements.

Dedicated Server Alternative

More powerful, less expensive, least complicated

WordPress hosting powered by Docker containers and cluster technology for seamless horizontal scaling and boosted performance. An unconventional WordPress hosting solution for sites with high traffic volumes and scaling requirements.

Setting the stage

Containers vs. Dedicated Servers

Containers are high-performing, standalone environments optimized for running various parts of your WordPress site without any clutter. Docker containers are a great option for deploying websites quickly. Unlike other web hosting services, you can have a new website up and running in minutes, without having to wait for the site to be built and hosted.

While a dedicated server is a large unoptimized warehouse with heaps of website files, databases, operating systems, and other software, dedicated hosting offers exclusive resources, optimal performance, and greater security. However, dedicated servers are expensive. You have to pay for the server itself, as well as for any additional features or add-ons you may want.

Additionally, dedicated servers require a lot of maintenance. You need to make sure that the dedicated server is always up and running, and that its software is up to date. If something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it – and if you’re not skilled in server management, that can be a daunting task. Finally, dedicated servers are not very scalable. If your website starts to get popular and you need more resources, you may not be able to get them with a dedicated server.

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Configured & Optimized

From our unique hosting stack to our expert support team, everything we do and build is optimized for WordPress, offering benefits similar to managed WordPress hosting. The underlying technology and the features built on top work harmoniously with WordPress — giving you peace of mind.

Dedicated Server

Your website runs on an unoptimized machine that is not pre-configured to run WordPress. From installing an operating system, WordPress, PHP, and database to configuring web servers you are responsible for everything that happens on your server. Managed dedicated hosting can alleviate some of these challenges by providing support and maintenance services, ensuring your server is optimized and secure.


Your website runs on optimized containers that deliver optimum performance and scaling capabilities, similar to the benefits of a dedicated WordPress server. No SysAdmin is required to manage and configure these Docker containers. The flexibility of choosing your own stack allows you to pick your preferred web server (Apache or NGINX) or database (Percona or MariaDB).

An intuitive platform that enables you to manage various services of your WordPress site with the click of a button. It also lets you monitor resources visually without typing any terminal commands or fine-tuning server resources.

Key FeaturesDedicated ServerConvesio
Cluster TechnologyNot availableRuns out of the box
Auto BackupsManually ConfiguredAvailable
Built-in CachingNot OptimalAvailable
Domain ManagementNot availableAvailable
Cloudflare EnterpriseNot availableAvailable
Pay-as-you-go PricingVariesAvailable
ScaleOps TeamAdditional ExpenseAvailable 24/7
DeploymentManual setupAutomated
Load BalancersConfiguration requiredPre-configured
Auto ScalingNot availableRuns out of the box
SSL CertificateManual setupAvailable
CDNManual setupAvailable
Our Platform

See Auto Scaling In Action

Containers allow your WordPress site to replicate almost instantly to accommodate high volumes of traffic. Additional containers are created within and even across multiple servers in a cluster.

Our Platform

See Auto Scaling In Action

Containers allow your WordPress site to replicate almost instantly to accommodate high volumes of traffic. Additional containers are created within and even across multiple servers in a cluster.

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Any Questions?

We’ve transferred many websites from a dedicated server to our platform, making it easy to manage your WordPress website through your hosting account. Click the chat button below and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.


Benefits You Get With Container Hosting

Containers offer better scalability and agility than dedicated servers. Convesio’s managed platform containerizes your website and deploys it to a cluster at the click of a button! Compared to dedicated servers, you waste no time maintaining and managing the things you are not supposed to while enjoying additional benefits. While shared hosting is a more affordable option where resources are shared with other accounts on the server, it comes with limited control over server-level settings. Container hosting, on the other hand, provides more resources and control, making it a superior choice for growing websites.

Dedicated Server

You are responsible for running, managing, and maintaining your dedicated server. Also, it is your responsibility to troubleshoot any configuration issues or malware. If your server goes down due to any issues, there is very limited support available to help. By design, a dedicated server is a complicated environment to operate in and is difficult to optimize for WordPress. However, a hosting provider can offer support and maintenance services to alleviate some of these challenges, providing assistance with troubleshooting, security features, and optimization.

There is no easy way of configuring load balancers, caching, or automated backups. It does not support auto scaling out of the box which means you end up paying for the resources your website never uses.


Convesio manages the underlying infrastructure and optimizes it for performance through a combination of open source software and proprietary code. Compared to other dedicated WordPress hosting providers, Convesio stands out in terms of performance and support. As a customer, you are not bothered with configuring firewalls, backups, caching, deployment pipelines, or load balancers.

Each container runs on top-tier cloud infrastructure optimized for WordPress and is replicated using auto scaling. Auto scaling also helps reduce your hosting budget as additional resources are only added when needed, so you only pay for what your site consumes.

Above all, expert support is always available in case you require additional assistance or encounter any issues.

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Less Is More

With Convesio, you get far greater value for money than a dedicated server. You only pay for the resources used to serve your customers, not for running the server and other unnecessary software. In the case of dedicated server hosting, you pay for the entire machine regardless of your website’s usage.

Dedicated Server

Provisioning a dedicated server is expensive and its maintenance is also not free. Every month you pay for the entire machine’s worth of resources which is mostly wasted on running an idle server.

The lack of features like auto scaling, also makes a dedicated server an inefficient and expensive piece of machinery as there is no way of delegating unused resources to something useful.


With its innovative hosting technology that runs on Docker containers, Convesio optimizes your hosting budget. Auto Scaling helps maintain the cost without compromising the performance. It ensures that your website only gets additional resources when required and gives up those resources as soon as that requirement is met. 

Containerization also minimizes resource wastage as compared to traditional hosting and enables us to efficiently utilize computing power and offer more value to our customers

Price Comparison

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Expert Support

Dedicated Support

Our ScaleOps team works like an extension of your business. We don’t train customer support representatives to become WordPress experts but rather hire experts and teach them to assist our customers promptly and effectively. This means our team is well-equipped to help manage and optimize your WordPress website, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Dedicated Server

Usually very limited support with a narrow scope. Support is usually not liable for troubleshooting the server for any performance and security-related issues. The customer can either pay extra or hire an external resource for fixing issues. In contrast, WordPress hosting servers offer better support and services, specifically optimized for WordPress websites. They provide dedicated resources and control, ensuring better performance and security.


We invest heavily in our expert support team as it is significant for building long-term relationships with our customers. Each team member has a strong understanding of WordPress and its hosting environment which makes troubleshooting faster. Our support services are akin to managed dedicated hosting, providing benefits such as dedicated IP addresses, free backup storage, and unmetered uplink connections. Besides offering support, our ScaleOps team also offers consultation services before a big event to help you better prepare for it.

Our Promise

Our platform delivers the performance you need at scale. But we also know that there are 100 different things that can go wrong. If they do, support is just one click away - 24/7. We'll do whatever it takes to help. Not upsell you to a more expensive plan.
Dedicated Server Alternatives: The Verdict

Containers: 1, Dedicated Server: 0

Containers are by all means a superior technology compared to dedicated server hosting. The overheads involved with a dedicated server make it a poor and expensive choice for hosting WordPress sites. A WordPress dedicated server offers exclusive resources, which can enhance performance and security, but it comes with higher costs and maintenance requirements. Conversely, container-based hosting like Convesio offers far greater flexibility, features, and support as a managed solution.

Convesio made Docker technology accessible by offering it as a service. You do not need to know server administration to deploy your sites on Docker containers. Convesio automatically deploys containers on a cluster and adjusts resources using the auto scaling feature. This voids the biggest selling points of dedicated servers which are power and autonomy.

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It's Easy to Migrate to Convesio from Dedicated Server

Looking to switch from dedicated server hosting (or another host) to Convesio? Not a problem.

Compared to other hosting providers, Convesio offers a seamless migration process with superior support. We handle the entire migration process, ensuring that your site doesn’t experience any downtime. You’ll see how easy our platform is to use and how easy it is to work with us, too.

Get Started

It's Easy to Migrate to Convesio from Dedicated Server

Looking to switch from dedicated server hosting (or another host) to Convesio? Not a problem.

We handle the entire migration process, ensuring that your site doesn’t experience any downtime. You’ll see how easy our platform is to use and how easy it is to work with us, too.