Scalable WordPress Hosting 

Convesio removes the complexity and cost of deploying high-performance, scalable WordPress websites.


The Future of WordPress Hosting is Container-based

Docker containers provide the flexibility and features to deliver Enterprise-grade performance to everyone.

True auto scaling

Convesio automatically scales up when you need more resources and down again when you don't.

Resilient by design

Components of the stack are hosted in different containers. If one fails it is redeployed instantly . 

It's very fast

Docker containers are very efficient and our stack has been designed to minimize bottlenecks.


Our dashboard is very easy to use. You don't have to be technically minded to set up auto scaling.


No need to plan for peak usage and buy the most expensive option.  Auto scaling means you just pay for what you use.


Architecting WordPress Scalability

Through a combination of open source software and proprietary code we have solved the challenge of running WordPress in a high availability environment.

Convesio's scalable WordPress hosting has been successfully deployed to Google Cloud, AWS, Steadfast and OVH. 

Proprietary components include:
Node.JS Load Balancer & Firewall
Custom Caching Layer
File System Mounts
Micro Caching for GlusterFS
Cloudflare logo
Integrating CloudFlare to Boost Performance & Security
We integrate Cloudflare's Enterprise features to increase performance and add an second layer of security before a request even hits our servers.

How Convesio Scales WordPress

1. Start with a default number of containers
WordPress runs on the minimum number of containers set in the dashboard. These have dedicated resources just like a VPS.
2. Traffic surge? Scaling is triggered automatically
WordPress experiences a surge in traffic and additional containers deploy automatically to share the load, keeping it running fast.
3. WordPress scales across clusters of servers
This is called 'horizontal scaling' and containers for a single website can be deployed across different servers, to ensure scaling is not limited by hardware.


WordPress Management Simplified

Hire a SysAdmin. Add domains, SSL, caching and auto scaling in just a few clicks. 

Deploy a new high availability WordPress site it under a minute

No need to configure Load Balancers, Docker Containers, or Database Clusters, Convesio automates the entire process making it simple and seamless to scale your site up in the future.
Automatically deploys WordPress to a Docker container
Ready to scale
Advanced options: select PHP, WordPress versions, server and database type

Keep an eye on key website metrics via the Site Dashboard

Check key metrics and get a sense of resources being used. View a live log stream of server requests too.
Check resource levels, disk usages, performance metrics and errors
View how many container are running
Access a live log stream

Easily add your domain name & SSL

Map domains to your hosting choosing which one is your primary one. Then, easily install SSL certificates for each which will auto-renew.
A temporary URL is assigned for each new website
Map any number of domains and sub-domains
Install free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for each domain

Configure automated back ups on your preferred schedule

You can setup advanced backup and retention policies choosing how often and how long you keep them. All with just a few clicks.
Backup intervals range from from 24 hours to 180 days
Set the back retention time from 24 hours to forever
Create a staging site from a backup

Introducing Managed Auto Scaling

Easily configure auto scaling by setting the minimum and maximum number of containers to scale between. You can also turn auto scaling off.
An industry first: set up and manage WordPress scalability
Optionally, configure resource thresholds that trigger scaling events
Access logs detailing scaling events

Fast caching with no plugin required. Really!

Convesio caching is completely custom built and designed from the ground up for WordPress. Zero plugins required and 100% built into the platform.
Manage static and dynamic Time-To-Live settings
Use exception rules to control page level caching
Works along WP Rocket and other speed optimization plugins

DB, PHP, FTP and more

Convesio offers all the key settings you would expect from a WordPress host including SFTP, PhpMyAdmin, PHP Versions, and more.
Set the PHP version and edit the PHP Configuration File
SFTP access
Sign up for a free trial to see Convesio in action. Create a new staging site and test the features. No credit card required. 


Scaling WordPress to Handle WP Agency Summit, the Largest WordPress Virtual Conference

Learn how Convesio helped Atarim serve 2M+ requests to 6K visitors from 91 countries in two days.
"These are insane numbers, just to really understand what we're dealing with. And to get to a place where everything is nice and smooth as it is inside the venue when people are jumping between the lounge and the live sessions, or between the different booths, is a huge undertaking."

-- Vito Pelleg, CEO - Atarim

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No more troubleshooting server issues or downtime.

Our team of experts monitors your site obsessively. If anything goes wrong we are alerted within a minute and intervene to address the issue.

Don’t wait for support agents to respond to get assistance.

Our team of experts is available to assist with tasks like: launching new sites, SSL issue, Performance Optimization, Troubleshooting Site Issues, DNS, Security and more.

You’ll never have to deal with tedious WordPress migrations.

We know switching is a pain, so we have made it easy with are team of migration experts. We will move your site and do before after performance tests to show the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Other WordPress hosting companies offer scaling solutions. How is Convesio different?

Scaling is in our DNA. The original vision was to build a platform to make scaling WordPress both easy and affordable, and it was designed specifically for that. Rather than build Convesio on legacy tech we opted for Docker, which is much more fit for purpose.

Here's the key difference: other providers have designed and built solutions that may perform well but are complex and expensive. Try asking this to one of their Salespeople: "how much would a hosting solution cost that can handle 1,000 visitors one day, 1,000,000 the the back to 1,000". The answer will scare you.

It has taken us a few years and a lot of sweat to build Convesio. We are passionate about what we've achieved and proud to offer the best scalable WordPress hosting solution in the market.

How about scaling WordPress on AWS? There's a lot of information about that

There are solutions for scale WordPress on AWS, indeed. Solid ones too, that some clever folk have implemented.

But they are primarily for SysAdmins to deploy, configure and manage. We have build a dashboard to give our customers full control of their hosting, include managing scaling.

Thinking about a WordPress Docker scale event: how does that work?

To answer this question you need to learn about Docker, more generally.

Head over to our blog and read our post about this: Docker Hosting for WordPress: What It Is, How It Works, And Why It Makes Sense

What do you mean by true auto scaling?

With Convesio you can 'set and forget' scaling and the platform will do so based on usage. If a spike in traffic puts pressure on server the platform will deploy a new container automatically and share the load between each one. The extra containers are deleted automatically too when they are not needed anymore.

Traditional scaling solutions are designed for max capacity and are clever enough to only deliver the capacity is needed. But you are still limited by the hardware's total capacity and in most cases you're paying a premium to be able to access more resources.

What is WordPress horizontal scaling?

Another key different is that Convesio can scale "horizontally."

Containers can be deployed on a different server so the maximum capacity is measured by what's available across a cluster of servers. Think of it as a scalable WordPress cloud formation.
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