The First Scalable WordPress Hosting Powered by Docker Containers
Convesio Features Laptop Dashboard

Deploy a Scalable WordPress Hosting Sites in Under a Minute

Convesio WordPress Dashboard

Convesio’s powerful dashboard is the heart of your website. You can easily view site stats, requests, container performance, features enabled, and specific page errors.

Create High Availability Scalable WordPress Sites in Under a Minute

Convesio makes it easy to create high scale WordPress sites in less than a minute. No need to configure Load Balancers, Docker Containers, or Database Clusters, Convesio automates the entire process making it simple and seamless to scale your site up in the future.

Easily Add Your Domain Names

Adding your domain is simple with Convesio. Simply add it to the site dashboard and choose which version is the primary domain. We automatically set the primary domain in WordPress, no need to login.

Peace of Mind with Automated Backups

Automate your backups on your schedule, from 3 hours to 15 days. Create on-demand backups when you need them and take unlimited screenshots to visually reference each backup.

Instantly Provision Free SSL’s From Let’sEncrypt

It’s 2020, every site needs an SSL! We make securing your site fast and easy. One click SSL provisioning with free SSL’s from Let’s Encrypt comes standard on all sites. Manage which pages load securely with SSL Rules. No plugins required.

Fast Caching – No Plugin Required – Really!

Convesio caching is completely custom built and designed from the ground up for WordPress. Zero plugins required and 100% built into the platform. Manage Static and Dynamic Time To Live settings and use regular expressions to control page level caching.

Database Access with phpMyAdmin

Access your database with the standard tools like phpMyAdmin. Perform Imports, Exports, SQL Queries and more. Every database runs in a MySQL Percona Cluster which can either be shared or private.

Scalable WordPress Hosting Architecture

Through a combination of open source software and proprietary code we have solved the challenge of running WordPress in a high availability scalable environment.

Proprietary components include:

Node.JS Load Balancer & Firewall

Custom Caching Layer

File System Mounts

Micro Caching for GlusterFS