Laravel Application Hosting

Host Laravel Applications in a Highly-Scalable Environment

Laravel is a powerful open-source PHP framework used for developing web applications.

Convesio can host your Laravel application on our Docker-based, auto-scaling infrastructure.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a powerful and popular PHP framework known for its elegant syntax and extensive set of tools and features. It gives developers a clean and expressive way to build web applications, making tasks like routing, database querying, and authentication seamless and efficient.

With its robust ecosystem and modular architecture, Laravel promotes code reusability, scalability, and maintainability, making it a great choice for developers seeking to create high-quality, feature-rich web applications.

Laravel is particularly popular among developers that work with WordPress, as Laravel’s elegant syntax, clear documentation, and well-structured architecture are appealing. This allows for efficient and maintainable code development.

Additionally, Laravel’s modular approach and rich collection of libraries and packages make it a versatile choice for integrating custom functionality and extending the capabilities of WordPress websites. The familiarity with PHP and the object-oriented programming concepts in WordPress development also make transitioning to Laravel relatively seamless, making it a good choice for developers that want to expand their skill set – while still building on their existing knowledge.


Scalable Infrastructure for Laravel Applications

Auto scaling is a cutting-edge method of handling high amounts of traffic. By automatically scaling server resources and distributing traffic across multiple web servers, you can ensure that your website stays up and running at peak performance, no matter how much traffic you get.

If you have an eCommerce-based Laravel application and don’t want to lose customers or sales because of a slow website, auto scaling is a must. Thankfully, all Convesio plans come with auto scaling built-in.

Only Pay for What You Use

You only pay for the web server resources that you actually use, not the ones that you might need.

Sit Back and Relax

We scale up when you need resources, and down when you don’t. You don’t need to manage or track anything. It’s completely automatic, like magic!

Enjoy Performance at Scale

Convesio can handle large numbers of concurrent users visiting your Laravel site – without compromising on performance.

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Scalability for High Traffic Laravel Sites

With our scalable Laravel hosting platform, we make it easy for Laravel applications to handle a consistent high traffic or the unexpected surge. It’s perfect for business sites that need serious hosting plans.

Convesio’s scalable hosting has been successfully deployed to Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Steadfast and Digital Ocean for a variety of business customers.

If you’re looking for the most powerful and easiest hosting platform you’re in the right place.

Proprietary components include:

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Integrating CloudFlare to Boost Performance & Security

We integrate Cloudflare’s Enterprise features to increase site speed, overall performance, and add a second layer of security before a request even hits our servers. You don’t need extra an extra security plugin – we handle any security threats for you.


High Traffic Laravel Hosting Powered by Docker

Docker containers provide the flexibility and features to deliver peak site performance needed by high traffic Laravel sites for everyone, including enterprise brands, small business sites, agencies with multiple sites, and more.

Technical Details: Covered

Our hosting plans come with everything you'll need, including automated backups, SSH access, SSL installation, PHP version control and more.

Resilient by Design

Components of the stack are hosted in different containers. – providing both advanced security and high performance, even when you get more web traffic than normal.

Containers are Fast

Docker containers are very efficient and our stack has been designed to minimize hosting web server resource bottlenecks, improving site speed and ensuring high scalability.


Our dashboard is very easy to use. You don't have to be technically minded to set up auto scaling on your Laravel site.

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The Next Generation of Laravel Hosting

More performance, scalability, security, and peace of mind = more happy customers. Host your Laravel application on Convesio today.



Laravel is a powerful and popular PHP framework known for its elegant syntax and extensive set of tools and features.

Laravel is popular amongst developers because of its elegant and intuitive syntax, making development tasks faster and more enjoyable. If you’re familiar with PHP from developing on WordPress, it’s also very familiar.

Its comprehensive set of built-in tools and features, such as routing, database querying, authentication, and caching, streamline the development process and promote code reusability.

Laravel’s robust ecosystem of packages and libraries further enhances its functionality and allows for easy integration with third-party services.

Additionally, Laravel prioritizes security, providing built-in protection against common vulnerabilities and offering robust mechanisms for user authentication and authorization.

With its active community, extensive documentation, and regular updates, Laravel ensures ongoing support and keeps up with the evolving needs of modern web development.

Overall, Laravel empowers developers to create scalable, maintainable, and high-performing web applications with efficiency and confidence.

Yes, Convesio offers Laravel application hosting. Currently, it is still a beta feature.

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