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Supercharged Scalable Docker WordPress Hosting

Convesio deploys your WordPress site on Docker containers that are more reliable, performant, scalable, and agile than conventional VPS hosting for WordPress. It is a solution designed and optimized specifically to run WordPress and WooCommerce.

Convesio vs WordPress VPS Hosting

Containers — Next-Gen WordPress Hosting

Containers are like Lego blocks that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Just like Lego, Docker containers connect seamlessly with each other to form clusters. This agility enables us to structure your WordPress site into multiple services and deploy them in highly scalable and optimized Docker containers. 

`VPS architecture lacks this agility and typically runs WordPress inside an unoptimized virtual environment. A large chunk of your VPS resources are wasted powering its operating system and other resources. As a result, your WordPress site requires additional resources or needs to scale in order to serve a large volume of traffic. These additional resources are acquired through vertical scaling which is more complex, inefficient, and costly.



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Docker Technology

How Convesio is Better Than VPS Hosting For WordPress

Despite being a popular solution, VPS architecture has several shortcomings, and a better, faster, and more reliable alternative was overdue.

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting for WordPress sites might look better next to shared hosting but it’s miles behind more advanced and sophisticated solutions like Docker-based containerized hosting. 

A typical VPS is a bloated virtual environment that lacks auto-scaling features, WordPress-specific tools, the latest software, and a team of expert support engineers. This leads to a slow website, frustrated customers, loss of revenue, and peace of mind.


Docker containers and cluster infrastructure are known for delivering websites with faster load times and powerful scaling capabilities. Convesio with its revolutionary hosting solution made this superior yet expensive and complicated technology cost-effective and accessible to any WordPress site or a WooCommerce store.

Both our underlying infrastructure and the platform are optimized for WordPress and offer greater value in terms of features, security, and support.

Key FeaturesVPS HostingConvesio
Cluster TechnologyNot availableRuns out of the box
Load BalancersNot availableAvailable
Docker ContainersNot availableAvailable
Cloudflare EnterpriseAdd-On $$$*Available
Redis/Object Cache ProAdd-On $$Available
ScaleOps TeamAdd-On $$$$Available 24/7
Auto ScalingNot available*Available
Isolated Resources per SiteNot availableAvailable
24/7 Site MonitoringAdd-On $$Available
Auto Malware DetectionAdd-On $$Available
Managed ServicesAdd-On $$Available
Our Platform

See Auto Scaling In Action

Containers allow your WordPress site to replicate almost instantly to accommodate high volumes of traffic. Additional containers are created within and even across multiple servers in a cluster.

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Any Questions?

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WordPress Thrives Inside Containers

Containers offer better scalability and agility than VPS cloud hosting. Convesio’s managed platform containerizes your website and deploys it to a cluster at the click of a button!

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS architecture is not designed to auto-scale and is not optimized for WordPress out of the box. You will usually need yet another product or service to optimize your VPS for WordPress, increasing the cost. You also shoulder the burden of keeping your VPS up to date and should something go wrong at the system level, you will need command line skills or a system administrator to deal with the issue. Want to add a new version of the PHP? All of this makes the burden of running a VPS not worth it, so your site can have dedicated resources and run at the level you expect.


Convesio’s Docker-based hosting runs on top-tier cloud infrastructure which is completely managed to provide maximum performance and security. Every site runs on pre-configured servers optimized for WordPress. Moreover, the auto-scaling feature increases resources instantly so your website is always ready to scale without crashing.

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Greater Value Plans

Dedicated Resources Minus The SysAdmin

You only pay for the resources used to serve your customers, not for running the server and other unnecessary software. In the case of VPS hosting, you pay for the entire server regardless of your website’s usage.

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS hosting for WordPress is expensive and does not provide the performance and scalability benefits of Docker-based hosting. Since the entire VPS is “reserved” for your website, you have to pay for the whole server regardless of your usage. Also, there is no auto-scaling feature that can manage additional resources and prevent these resources from getting wasted and your hosting bill from increasing.


With its innovative hosting technology that runs on Docker containers, Convesio will optimize your hosting budgets. Auto Scaling helps maintain the cost without compromising the performance. It ensures that your website only gets additional resources when required and gives up those resources as soon as that requirement is met. 

Containerization also minimizes resource wastage as compared to traditional VPS hosting and enables us to efficiently utilize computing power and offer more value to our customers.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Experts in WordPress Scaling and Performance

Ideal Support Exists

Our ScaleOps team works like an extension of your business. We don’t train customer support representatives to become WordPress experts but rather hire experts and train them to assist our customers promptly and effectively.

VPS Hosting for WordPress

Usually very limited support with a narrow scope. Support is usually not liable for troubleshooting the VPS server for any performance and security-related issues. The customer can either pay extra or hire an external resource for fixing issues.


We invest heavily in our expert support team as it’s significant for building long-term relationships with our customers. Each team member has a strong understanding of WordPress and its hosting environment which makes troubleshooting faster. Besides offering support, our ScaleOps team also offers consultation services before a big event to help you better prepare for it.

Our Promise

Our platform delivers the performance you need at scale. But we also know that there are 100 different things that can go wrong. If they do, support is just one click away - 24/7. We'll do whatever it takes to help. Not upsell you to a more expensive plan.

Containers: 1 VPS Hosting: 0

Containers are by all means a superior technology compared to dedicated server hosting. The overheads involved with VPS hosting make it a poor choice for hosting WordPress sites. Conversely, container-based hosting like Convesio offers far greater flexibility, features, scalability, and support as a managed solution. 

Convesio made Docker technology accessible by offering it as a service. You do not need to know server administration to deploy your sites on Docker containers. Convesio automatically deploys containers on a cluster and adjusts resources using the auto-scaling feature.

VPS hosting is prone to several performance, scaling, and security issues. It is challenging to run and maintain a VPS optimally without expert help. Despite its shortcomings, VPS hosting served customers for years mainly because it offered better performance than shared hosting and less complexity than a dedicated server. Fortunately, now with container-based hosting, you don’t have to settle for just a good enough solution.

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