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WooCommerce Maintenance Services to Keep Your Site Secure

Our WooCommerce maintenance service by Saucal ensures that your site’s plugins, themes, and core code are always up-to-date and secure. Don’t worry about security vulnerabilities or outdated plugins ever again.

We've Got You Covered

We Handle Updates for Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core

You need a bullet-proof, proven process in place to ensure your site will remain reliable and stable after every update. The more complex your site is, the more attention needs to go into it.

Don’t worry: our maintenance plans have you covered. Every month, we update all plugins, your theme, and WordPress Core in a staging environment. Then, we perform in-depth tests, and thoroughly validate that the staging site has no issues. If everything works well, it’s a go. We only release updates to the live environment after we’re confident that things will go smoothly and your online store will keep running as expected.

User Experience Testing

To guarantee that your site works for end consumers in real-world situations, we craft and execute complex tests to ensure your store isn’t just open, but it’s actually ready for business!

Store Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your WordPress website constantly to make sure it’s behaving exactly the way it should, without any issues or unexpected problems.

Collaborative Version Control

Using your current GitHub repository (or opening a new one for you), we’ll provide security and portability for all the code we write for you. Keep tabs, peek under the hood, and make sure everything works well.

How it Works

A Five-Step WooCommerce Maintenance Process

Every month, we update all your plugins, themes, and WordPress Core in a private staging environment and perform detailed automated and manual tests. Once we’re certain that the site is working properly, we release the updates on the live production environment – ensuring that your business doesn’t lose sales from hours-long downtime or unexpected issues.

Step 1

We freeze your code, and set up a staging environment based on the current copy of the production site.

Step 2

We start applying updates on that staging site, monitoring for any clear issues as we go through it all.

Step 3

We run a variety of automated and manual tests to make sure nothing’s broken behind the scenes. Tests are based on our own expertise, common use cases, and on thoroughly testing the plugins updated for any bugs.

Step 4

Once we’re satisfied that everything is working properly, we’ll update the production site. The site will be down for 15-30 minutes during these updates, but we’ll make sure to schedule them during a specifically quiet period to minimize impact.

Step 5

We send you a WooCommerce Maintenance Report highlighting the site’s health, security, and new updates.

We Can Fix Bugs, Too

Our Expert Team Can Solve Issues, If Needed​

Sometimes, updating the staging site will introduce unexpected bugs or issues. If this happens, we won’t update the production site just yet.

First, we estimate how long it’ll take to fix them and quote you for the custom development needed to do so, setting aside resources with the proper priority. However, it’s rare for major issues to come up during monthly maintenance. Everything we discover can be usually taken care of within the standard maintenance process.

Most importantly, we’re always upfront and tell you what needs to be done without sugar-coating anything – if any issues do arise. Our job is to build and maintain your site so that it functions at the highest level, and we’ll make that happen!


Get Help via Slack

Hands-on help is a key element of our support strategy. Get real-time help from professional engineers, not customer service salespeople – all via Slack or email.


No activation or onboarding fees for all tiers.

Tier Number of OrdersMonthly Cost
10 - 2,500$499
22,501 - 10,000$649
310,001 - 25,000$799
425,001 - 50,000$999
550,001+Contact Us
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Either in-app or via Slack, our team of experts are just a few clicks away. With response times usually under 5 minutes, our team is an extension to your agency.


eCommerce Managed Maintenance

In the first month, we’ll take your site through the service activation process, which includes:

  • Running a health & performance check on the site, right before starting.
  • Setting up a proper code repository for the site.
  • Setting up our deployment tools for each component of the site.
  • Setting up proper Production & Staging environments.
  • Setting up our proprietary maintenance tool.
  • Setting up proper monitoring tools.
  • Testing and validating the whole setup.
  • Running another health & performance check, once the activation is complete.

Starting from the second month, we’ll execute the maintenance process monthly on the site.

  • The maintenance plan is aimed at single sites. Multi-sites are not included in this pricing, but can be custom quoted case by case.
  • Development hours are not included. Included in the plan are adjustments to standard test cases (in case there’s a content update that breaks automated visual/comparison tests), and minor necessary adjustments that might arise from the updates, up to our discretion.
    • For anything outside of the above, including major conflicts resulting from the updates, bigger issues, or changes requested by you, you’ll need to subscribe to a custom plan for us to perform them. In this case, we’ll put a team in charge, and follow a proven process that includes managing requirements, development, code review, and quality assurance tests.
  • Any customizations that are not pointed out to us are at the risk of being overwritten during the maintenance process. It’s crucial you’re aware of these customizations and inform us of where and why they’re present.
  • Merchant support is provided through a ticketing system, during regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) on the Eastern Time (ET) timezone (UTC-5/-4).

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