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Behavioral Webinars

Interactive online webinars for professionals in the field of behavior analysis.



Behavioral Webinars provides online webinars for professionals in the field of behavioral analysis. Run by Dr. Jaime Flowers, an associate professor of School Psychology at a Texas state university, the site offers over 100 hours of courses, which are fully online and consist of reading materials, video lectures, and interactive participation via polls, quizzes, games, and other assignments.

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Dr. Flowers has nothing but good things to say about Convesio – especially when it comes to the speed of her website. Compared to her previous host, Convesio is dramatically faster, which makes visitors happier and more likely to make a purchase.

Even more impressive, however, is Convesio’s robust support team, which uses Slack instead of a clunky ticket system – a “game changer.”

Convesio’s support team is comprised of technical experts, which means that we can handle and address issues without relying on “higher-level” technical support. The result? We fix issues, fast. 

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