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The most-utilized marketing platform for financial advisors.

A Powerful Marketing Platform for Financial Advisors

FMG is the most popular all-in-one marketing technology platform for financial advisors. Their mission is to make it easy for their clients to market authentically and effectively across every channel, from your website to social, email, print and mobile.

Speed, reliability, support, and a good working relationship are critical to FMG – and they found an excellent partner in Convesio.
"My background is in in digital marketing and not necessarily in website development. So, Convesio was my missing piece that could help support me. Once I got into a room with them and talked with them, it just clicked. I could tell they were somebody I could work with day to day, in and out. The support was amazing."
Jacqueline Bornstein
VP, Websites & Digital – FMG

Finding a Solid Web Host

FMG originally came across Convesio through Google search while comparing the different aspects of site hosting offered by different hosts. After speaking with the Convesio team, FMG was impressed by the extensive range of services offered, which include webdev, design, development, and personal support.

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The experts at Convesio make me look like a rockstar to my clients. To have a third-party do that for me is a dream. I speak to the Convesio team, and they come back with a time frame, what it looks like, and they figure out all the details. That allows me to enjoy my family at home. I can’t imagine my life at this point without Convesio in it.

– Jacqueline Bornstein, VP of Websites & Digital at FMG


Convesio's 24/7 Slack-Based Support

Convesio’s team of experts is available 24/7, ensuring that we can address any issues if they arise. This was a key benefit for FMG. Their previous host often took up to a day to respond to simple requests.

One of the best parts of leveraging Convesio’s hosting platform is the included extra software and services. FMG didn’t want to worry if their website was going to have issues.  This made Convesio a good choice, as our round-the-clock support is staffed by technical experts, ensuring that you can relax and focus on your business. 

Anything that we really wanted or needed, they found a way to support. And that, to me, was just over the top. There were no hidden fees or contracts. We didn't have to sign something for a year. It was so easy because it's month to month. That again, is another big driver as to why we went with them, as everyone else had a year contract. Or it was all of these extra pricey things. Convesio was very straightforward and easy to work with.

FMG is now hosting their site on WordPress, which is “super manageable” and offers far more customization ability than their previous host. With Convesio, FMG says, “We get things done in minutes.”

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