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Case Study

Yan & Co.

Website development agency with a focus on eCommerce

Yan case study

Web Agency Specializing in WooCommerce

Founded by Yan Knudtskov Nielsen​, Yan&Co is a WooCommerce and WordPress web agency that specializes in custom-built solutions and special integrations. With a client based comprised largely of eCommerce websites, they utilize their technical expertise to solve complex problems.

When Yan&Co needed a hosting solution that could scale eCommerce websites to handle thousands of simultaneous users, they chose Convesio.


Finding a Host that Can Handle High-Traffic eCommerce Events

Yan&Co had been looking at enterprise hosting partners and simply could not find a provider that had the scalability that they needed for their eCommerce clients. Being able to scale eCommerce sites was the key thing for Yan&Co, as their client base has various eCommerce sites with serious amounts of traffic.

Catering companies, for example – of which the agency has many clients – have anywhere between 30k and 80k subscribers in their emails lists. When they send out email campaigns, they get tens of thousands of visitors that all come at the same time.

Likewise, a luxury skin product brand that does live events on Facebook. When they do they that, they have a lot of customers coming to their site, which also requires scaling quickly.

Supporting these clients – and many others – required a host that could scale quickly to handle thousands of simulataneous users. That’s where Convesio came in.


Convesio: A Host that Can Scale

The first time Yan reached out to Convesio, he was impressed with the level of technical expertise available. In order to show the benefits of our Docker infrastructure, we made a test copy of Yan’s site and ran a load test – entirely free of charge. Yan ran the test himself, testing 5,000 simultaneous users. The site performed flawlessly and had no issues.

“I‘ve never seen anything that remotely compares to this. Convesio is entirely in their own league.”

This level of demonstration stood out to Yan, who has seen quite a few different hosts in his 11 years of running an agency. Unlike other hosts, it wasn’t just a sales pitch, Yan says. 

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With Convesio, you’re not met by some of email ticketing system. In normal circumstances, an email ticketing system is fine. But with large eCommerce sites, what’s really important is that when you write something, it doesn’t feel like sending into a void. You have someone in a Slack channel that replies, “We’ll look into that and we’re working on it right now.” It’s great. So just being able to have a dialogue and being able to share examples and code is super helpful.

– Yan Knudtskov Nielsen


Exceptional Support = Peace of Mind

Yan is particularly impressed with Convesio’s level of support. Unlike other hosts that require jumping through hoops to get a problem solved, Convesio excels at “giving us exactly the right person who’s an expert in the problem.” With our Slack-based support structure, getting in touch with us couldn’t be any easier.

Convesio’s proactiveness has also paid off more than once. Unlike “every single host” Yan has worked with, Convesio actively monitors errors logs and reaches out to clients to highlight potential issues. “It’s phenomenal and above-and-beyond what you can expect from a host,” Yan says.

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As your eCommerce site grows, it’s important to have a hosting solution that can keep up with the demand. With Convesio, you can be confident that your website will be able to handle whatever traffic comes its way, allowing you to focus on building your products and services.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your website to the next level.

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With Convesio, there is no fine print or misleading sales pitch. You speak with their team and explain what you need and they configure your hosting environment for optimal performance. It takes away so much friction and frustration that used to arise from high-traffic events.

– Yan Knudtskov Nielsen