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Deploy a WordPress Cluster for Scalable Hosting

Move away from legacy hosting and switch to the future of WordPress hosting. We simplified the cluster technology and made it available to all WordPress sites. No configuration, DevOps, or prior knowledge of cluster hosting is required. Pre-built solution for businesses looking to incorporate high-performing cluster technology into their WordPress site. Ideal for eCommerce, LMS, publisher, membership site, or any WordPress site that needs to scale with optimum performance.

WordPress Cluster Hosting

A cluster is made of multiple servers that power various services to run your WordPress site. This unique arrangement of servers allows them to pool their resources so your WordPress site can draw computing power from not just a single machine but across various machines. In contrast to legacy hosting, WordPress cluster hosting is superior in terms of scaling capabilities and performance enhancements.

Load Balancers are used to manage the load across these servers. As a result, the load from busy servers is effectively routed to other available servers in a cluster. This allows your WordPress website to run smoothly while serving a large number of visitors.

Implementing cluster technology is both costly and resource-intensive but has enormous benefits. Using Convesio’s technology, any business owner can host his website on a cluster-based web hosting that is easy and cost-effective. Managed yet flexible platform that offers a bespoke solution as per business’s requirements.

Convesio runs each service inside a container, allowing us to replicate faster and run multiple versions of your WordPress site simultaneously to manage the load. Ideal for growing sites that want a performance edge. Works really well for eCommerce, LMS, publishers, membership sites, and sites that require more performance resources.


Accelerate Growth With Cluster Hosting

Cluster-based WordPress hosting delivers seamless scalability and performance to any website. Despite being a complex technology to incorporate, the benefits are invaluable to any online business.

Cluster hosting is the next breed of WordPress hosting which compared to traditional VPS and dedicated hosting is more robust, flexible, and affordable. It allows the development of customized solutions for businesses and incorporates modern features such as auto scaling.


Scale to any number of visitors, orders, online learners, or members. Scalability is the core feature around which we built our cluster-based hosting solution.


Serve every visitor with faster loading pages, enhanced user experience, and global reach when used with other premium tools like Cloudflare Enterprise.


 It’s difficult to map the complex server stack of a cluster which makes it challenging to identify and hack into your WordPress site. Furthermore, containerization isolates various parts of your site to protect its data and files.


Convesio can handle large numbers of concurrent users without compromising performance.

We simplified cluster technology for our customers and optimized it for WordPress sites. Convesio WordPress Cluster hosting is a product that makes premium high-performing technology accessible to any WordPress-based business.

How It Works

The Machinery Behind Clusters

A cluster consists of either physical servers or virtual machines known as nodes. These nodes pool their resources and work together, which provides high availability to websites. Load Balancers distribute the incoming web traffic among these nodes to maintain high performance while additional nodes are added when needed.

Conventional hosting restricts your website to a single machine while cluster hosting gives it access to all the machines inside a cluster. These machines store website data inside their local storage and use it as a temporary cache while the cluster is connected to an external storage device. At Convesio, we use NVMe drives that provide faster data retrieval and persistence.

The core building blocks of cluster hosting are containers. Containers are isolated environments that typically contain dependencies to run a single piece of software, for example, a container for MariaDB. These containers are easy to deploy and replicate faster using pre-built images which gives a cluster the ability to scale almost instantly. 

How We Do It

Managed Cluster Hosting Infrastructure

Cluster hosting has a reputation for being very complex and difficult to implement but thanks to our cutting-edge hosting solution, we have made cluster technology accessible to every WordPress site. Using our solution, you can deploy your WordPress site to one of these clusters in a matter of a few minutes. 

We use high-availability computing instances from top cloud providers to create clusters. This means your WordPress site always has a large pool of high-performance computing resources at its disposal.

Each website component is deployed inside a Docker container which provides isolation and scaling capabilities. In the event of scaling, these containers are replicated and deployed on multiple nodes instantly. Containerized architecture also allows us to spin up new instances of databases and other services on demand without any downtimes.


Interested in learning more about cluster hosting?

Try our WordPress cluster hosting to experience the difference in performance. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions about our unique cluster-based hosting technology.

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Beyond WordPress Cluster Hosting

We separate various components of your WordPress sites and deploy them to individual containers. Containerization gives us better visibility and allows us to effectively distribute computing resources based on the current load. Furthermore, our solution can intelligently create more containers of these services and spread them across multiple servers to boost scalability and performance.

Our platform monitors the incoming traffic and scales up and down resources based on the load, also known as auto scaling. This feature gives you peace of mind while running viral marketing campaigns or huge sales on your WooCommerce store.

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Move away from legacy hosting and make your customers fall in love with your blazing fast WordPress website hosted on cluster technology.


Learn More About Auto Scaling WordPress

Cluster hosting allows a number of physical machines to work together for the purpose of sharing the workload, preventing website downtimes, and improving performance.

Load Balancers are used for managing the load inside a cluster. Load Balancer is a specialized tool that routes the incoming traffic to various nodes inside the cluster to maintain high availability and performance.

Applications like Kubernetes are also very popular in deploying and managing clusters. Kubernetes allows you to create and manage nodes, pods, and individual containers for your application.

Convesio cloud hosting has made cluster hosting accessible and affordable to all online businesses using WordPress and WooCommerce. We offer a solution that gives you more value and hosts your website on cluster technology without any hassle and extra cost.

Docker containers are isolated environments that contain all the dependencies to run a single application. These containers are easy to ship and deploy to other environments with minimal configurations

Cluster Hosting is the next-generation web hosting and is an ideal solution for any WordPress site that needs to scale and serve its customers with optimum performance.