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Monarx’s revolutionary technology is consistently proven to detect & prevent more malicious activity than other tools – proactively, automatically and safely.

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Monarx is continually put to the test by hosting
providers, and is consistently proven to be superior.
Over and over Monarx detects and blocks malicious
activity that other tools miss – generally 20-50% more!
Our proprietary technology also makes false positives
exceedingly rare – a tiny fraction of the competition’s.
This means you can get automatic, real-time protection
without having to worry about broken websites and
unhappy customers.

Malware wastes valuable engineering time and generates support costs
from customers whose sites have been compromised or blacklisted. Monarx
provides the best protection, automatically – resulting in more cost savings.
Run in Insights Only mode to generate leads for upselling your customers
to Active Protection. Monarx’s superior technology transforms malicious
activity into a stream of high-quality, targeted, timely leads that convert at
high rates.

Monarx gives you multiple options for driving real, measurable value to your
hosting business.

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