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Technical Review of Your Website

By Tom Fanelli | 4 Pages | PDF

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Technical Review

Is your site running as well as it should be?

Chances are, your site isn’t optimized for performance – and that can have negative effects on your eCommerce site. A poorly performing site can frustrate visitors, resulting in high bounce rates and lost sales opportunities. Slow loading times can test the patience of potential customers, leading them to abandon their shopping carts and purchase the product elsewhere.

Moreover, a lack of optimization can negatively impact search engine rankings (SEO), making it difficult for your products to be discovered by potential buyers in the first place. By neglecting to optimize your e-commerce site, you risk losing out on valuable revenue, customer trust, and the opportunity to establish a strong online presence in a highly competitive market.

At Convesio, we specialize in optimizing and scaling WordPress sites. Using New Relic, Instana, and other tools, we evaluate your current site’s performance and offer actionable recommendations to improve it. Interested in a technical review of your site? Get in touch with our team today.

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