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Your store shouldn’t shut down if a crowd of shoppers turns up

How many concurrent users can your hosting handle before it falls over?

Request a free, no obligation, review of your WooCommerce store’s performance.

We’ll run tests to check performance, identify bottlenecks and understand if your current hosting plan is able to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

  • Detailed performance check
  • Load testing
  • Review of your WordPress set up
  • Review of your caching and CDN configuration
  • Analysis of your website traffic

Convesio: the next-gen hosting for WooCommerce

Our platform was built from the ground up for performance and high-availability, leveraging container-based technology to achieve true autoscaling of resources. Learn more.


Shared hosting

On shared hosting your competing for resources with other websites. If they are experiencing a surge in traffic your own will slow down too.



If you opt for a VPS make sure you have enough capacity to handle unexpected traffic from sources such as a successful Black Friday campaign. If you hit the limits your site will slow down or crash.

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WooCommerce websites are hosted in Docker containers each with their own dedicated resources. Additional ones will automatically spin up when there is a surge in traffic is, even across servers. We call this true autoscaling.

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