Shared Hosting vs. Convesio

With so many options available, choosing a host can be a confusing process.
In this guide, we’ll compare shared hosting plans to Convesio’s managed, scalable hosting plan.


Is Shared Hosting Worth the Risk?

Shared hosting is a common entry point for creating a new website. While it’s inexpensive and accessible, it also comes with a ton of downsides. These include an inability to handle large amounts of traffic, unreliable downtime, less support, and an inability to scale – just to name a few. When things go wrong, a shared hosting plan can cost your business days or even weeks of lost revenue.

And that’s where Convesio comes in. Our dedicated hosting plans are the perfect “next step” for sites that want to graduate from shared hosting. With Convesio, your site will load faster, be more secure, and be able to handle more traffic. If anything goes wrong, our expert team is here around-the-clock to solve issues. Put simply: if you run a business, you need Convesio.

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As the name suggests, shared hosting plans are shared with other users on the server, sometimes up to even 1,000 sites on a single server. This makes them quite inexpensive, as the host can divide the costs over multiple customers.

If your site gets a lot of traffic or handles sensitive customer data, however, you’ll inevitably run into serious issues. There can be additional issues around security as one site gets hacked, it’s possible for the entire server to be taken over.


Convesio uses an innovative technology called “Docker containers” which isolates your WordPress install onto a self-contained entity that has no extra applications or frills running.

Containers make your site load faster, as you don’t share any resources with other users. Your data is also more secure, as you don’t have to worry about other users’ behavior.

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See Auto Scaling In Action

Auto scaling allows your site to scale up resources during high-traffic events, then scale back down when the traffic has subsided.

See how easy it is to set up auto scaling on Convesio.  Shared hosting plans almost never offer auto scaling, as it requires more resources.

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How Many Features Do You Need?

Shared hosting plans are cheaper, but lack many of the features found in more advanced hosting plans like Convesio.


Why are shared hosting plans so inexpensive? Mostly because they lack the features of more powerful hosts. They tend to have unspecialized servers which can run a variety of software. This allows for cheaper costs, but it also limits how much you can optimize and customize the server.


Convesio is built on cutting-edge technology. Using Docker containers, our hosting plans can scale efficiently, ensuring that your site stays up under heavy traffic. We also boost our stack with Cloudflare Enterprise, Redis, fast caching, autoscaling, and more.

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Key FeaturesSharedConvesio
PerformanceGeneric, basic hosting for many purposes (PHP, Drupal, other use cases) is not optimized. Bad neighbors can also cause issuesExtra resources are always available when you need them. Plus, the WordPress-specific configuration improves performance overall
ResourcesNo dedicated resources or protected spaces, as you’re sharing them with others. If you need extra resources, you pay for them separately, even if they’re unusedChoose how many extra resources you need – and when you’ll need them. Only pay for what you use. Plus, Convesio's baseline performance is excellent and boosted by third party solutions like Cloudflare and Redis
ScalabilityIt is difficult or impossible to scale a shared site without changing to a new “all-in” hosting plan. This is why shared hosts will constantly try to upsell you to more expensive plansContainers let you scale up as traffic increases and down when it decreases. This means you only pay for capacity when you need it
SupportSupport for shared hosting customers is usually slow and lacking in technical knowledge. Solving more complex problems can take days or weeks. This is because it’s not cost effective for shared hosts to offer anything other than the absolute basicsExpert support team available around-the-clock to handle any issues immediately
CustomizationUsually stuck with specific hosting plans with non-negotiate resourcesWe can craft a specific, flexible configuration for your exact needs
UptimeWe offer tailor-made WordPress hosting solutions to keep your site up and running smoothly – and we monitor everything 24/7 to proactively address any issuesWe offer tailor-made WordPress hosting solutions to keep your site up and running smoothly – and we monitor everything 24/7 to proactively address any issues
SecurityRiskier, as you are in a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting providers don't expect their clients to host business-critical websites. This means security isn't prioritized over their own commercial interestsIsolated server environment is significantly more secure. Convesio deploys multiple security layers at infrastructure, network and applications levels
Technical Knowledge RequiredEasy to use and aimed at beginners, but more advanced changes require expertiseOur dashboard is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Our clients can set up a highly scalable instance of WordPress in minutes
Business Model of the HostAim to maximize the number of paying users per resource, meaning that each individual user has less resources and supportFocused on individual customers and keeping their sites running smoothly, and specializing in high-traffic WordPress and WooCommerce websites

Shared Hosting is Cheap – Until Something Goes Wrong

Shared hosting plans are cheaper, but lack many of the features found in more advanced hosting plans like Convesio.


When it comes to price, shared hosting is a double-edged sword. Most shared hosting plans are very affordable, making them ideal for smaller websites or side projects. 

However, this low price comes at a cost: reduced performance and security. You’ll also need to pay extra for additional features, which can quickly add up. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money solving support issues that more advanced plans simply don’t have.


At first glance, Convesio appears to be more expensive than shared hosting plans. However, this price includes a bundle of extra features, advanced support, personalized server configuration, and more. If you purchase these features separately – as you’ll inevitably need to do on a shared hosting plan – you’ll spend far more.

Most importantly, we’re experts at scaling your site and keeping it online, even during sales campaigns or viral events. With Convesio, you don’t need to worry about losing sales due to heavy traffic.


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Can You Get Help When You Need It?

If you have any issues, how difficult is it to get them fixed? While shared hosting companies do have large support teams, they will typically only help resolve hosting related issues.


Most shared hosting plans have very basic ticket-based support. While they may have a large and international support team, the level of expertise is typically quite low. In general, resolving your issues can take days or even weeks.


Convesio’s support team is composed of experts with decades of experience. Our support technicians are available around the clock to solve issues as they arise and you can contact us via Slack or live chat. Unlike some generalist shared hosts, we specialize in scaling WordPress sites. This means we can provide targeted, customized support in ways other hosts can’t.

Our Promise

At Convesio, we’re always here to help, around the clock. Our team is accessible, knowledgeable, and capable of handling any hosting issue.

The Final Verdict

Shared hosting is a solid option for personal and hobbyist websites. But it isn’t a great option for business-critical websites and it doesn’t scale. For more serious projects, you’ll definitely need more than a shared hosting plan. And that’s where Convesio fits in.

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Learn More About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a website hosting plan where you share server resources with other customers.

A dedicated host means that you have a server dedicated entirely to your own site. This is usually more expensive than shared hosting, but it also comes with significant advantages in performance, scalability, and security.

Shared hosting plans are fine for small sites that don’t anticipate much traffic and don’t handle sensitive data like credit cards. However, if you need more performance or security, a dedicated hosting plan is a much better choice.

Shared hosting plans are much cheaper than dedicated hosting plans. They are also sometimes easier to set up and manage, as shared hosting is targeted at beginners and people creating personal websites.

While shared hosting plans are cheaper, they come with many problems. These include less security, an inability to scale, and extra costs for more than basic features.

Because the server resources are shared with other customers. This allows the host to have lower prices, but also means that each customer has less individual server resources.

If you anticipate larger amounts of traffic or want to keep private data secure, a dedicated hosting plan is probably a good idea. 

Not much. Since other customers are also on your server, your ability to modify it is very limited.

It is definitely a possibility. If other sites are getting a lot of traffic, yours will probably be affected too.