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Use Cases

Convesio can host it.

No matter what industry you're in, Convesio can host your WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, or Bedrock website.

WooCommerce Hosting

Convesio was built to handle large spikes in traffic. With our WooCommerce hosting plans, your online store won’t shut down when a crowd turns up.


HIPAA-Compliant Website Hosting

Convesio’s cutting-edge security infrastructure makes it an excellent choice for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that need to be HIPAA compliant, including dentists, nursing homes, pharmacies, psychologists, medical marijuana dispensaries, and physical therapists.

Gun-Friendly Web Hosting

Convesio is a top-rated WordPress host that can host your gun and firearms industry website. We’re the best gun friendly platform around.


CBD and Cannabis Website Hosting

Convesio is a top-rated WordPress host that can host your cannabis, hemp, CBD, THC, medical marijuana, cannabis seeds, or other marijuana-related website.

Agency Hosting

High-performance, high-uptime WordPress hosting designed with agencies in mind. We offer a variety of pricing plans for any size agency – and custom plans, too.

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WordPress LMS Hosting

As your website grows, you’ll need a LMS hosting solution that can keep up. Our infrastructure is designed to scale, ensuring that your training courses provide a great experience for your customers –  letting you focus on building your business and getting more students.

WordPress Multisite

Reliable, high-performance WordPress Multisite hosting for agencies, universities, and other organizations. Convesio’s infrastructure can scale up to handle even the most complex multisite networks.


Easy Digital Downloads Hosting

Do you use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to sell digital products on your WordPress website? Does your site struggle to handle high traffic loads, especially during sales events? We’re here to help.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

If you are using WP Engine, WordPress VIP, or another enterprise WordPress hosting provider, we would love to chat. We can review your current hosting setups, understand your business goals and recommend an end-to-end solution to host and manage your website.

We can handle complex migrations, working with your team and switching over when it’s most convenient.

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Accessible WordPress Hosting

Our managed accessibility plans by AccessiCart ensure that you are consistently removing barriers for people with disabilities. Open your website to many more users and meet legal standards with confidence.

Hosting for Membership Websites

Convesio is designed for the unique problems faced by membership sites, including handling bursts of traffic, delivering digital products at scale, keeping member data secure, and more.


Laravel Hosting

Laravel is a powerful open-source PHP framework used for developing web applications.

Convesio can host your Laravel application on our Docker-based, auto-scaling infrastructure.

Bedrock Hosting

Bedrock is a modern WordPress stack that simplifies the configuration and customization of WordPress installations by integrating seamlessly with the PHP package manager, Composer.

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Food and Beverage Hosting

Convesio’s unique Docker technology ensures that your site will load quickly, minimizing wait time for hungry customers browsing your site. Plus, your site can easily scale, handling any amount of orders at once as your business grows.

Whether you sell food products, run a catering business, or operate a local restaurant, Convesio will guarantee that your site operates smoothly.

Auto Parts Hosting

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for automotive parts suppliers that need complex product management, thousands of SKUs, customization, and other powerful features.

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Hosting for Virtual Events

When an event kicks off, you get hundreds, if not thousands of users trying to register, log in or run functionality all at the same time. WordPress will fall over unless your hosting can scale – and that’s where Convesio comes in.