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Boost Engagement with Smart Segmentation

Use industry-leading filtering criteria to target customers with exactly what they want.

The most versatile segmentation available.

Use nearly 100 different filters covering personal details, geo-locational details, referral details, on-site activity, email activity, shopping behavior and more to create marketing segments. Quickly build simple segments or mix connect as many filters as you like to create sophisticated segments.

Dynamic segmentation tells you more about your customers.

Who ordered last month? Who subscribed during the last 7 days?

Convert segments update in realtime so you can target customers based on their most recent behavior.

Additionally, you have various types of chronological filters – including exact date, before, after, date range, earlier than, later than, first time, last time, or all time.

Target audiences by...

Shopping Behavior

Segment your customers based on their very specific shopping behavior, such as purchased items and categories, purchase date, top purchased items, number and value of orders, abandoned carts, and more, and target them with highly personalized content.
Target audiences by...

Email Activity

Using your customers email activity such as subscription status, subscription method, number of opened or clicked emails and more, create targeted and personalized content for them.
Target audiences by...

Site Activity

Create segments based on their activity on your website, such as their landing and exit page, the time customers spent on the website, visit counts, viewed pages count, and more.
Target audiences by...

Referral / Source

Create segments based on the source they were referred to your website, such as domain name, UTM parameters, search or social and more.
Target audiences by...


Filter your audience by a specific city, state, country, timezone and language to target them with relevant marketing campaigns.

Take advantage of RFM segmentation to retain customers and boost loyalty.

Use the power of RFM Score filters to smartly filter customers based on their recency, frequency and monetary values based on their lifetime engagement and loyalty to your store, and target them with relevant campaigns.

Save time with pre-built segments

Don’t waste time creating segments from scratch. Divide your customers into meaningful groups in seconds.

Import, export, and integrate with your contacts

Already have contacts in other platforms? No problem. Integrate and import them into Growmatik in seconds.