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Convesio vs. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most popular choices for managed WordPress hosting, especially for small businesses. But is it a good choice for every type of business? It depends. In many circumstances, a more specialized, premium host is a better option.

On this page, we'll compare WP Engine with Convesio - and help you decide which WordPress host is best for you. While both Convesio and WP Engine offer managed hosting solutions, the hosting service and hosting infrastructure provided by each does differ significantly. If you're looking for a WPengine alternative or another managed WordPress host, you'll definitely want to keep reading. We may be biased, but we think Convesio is one of the best WP Engine alternatives.


Fine with Using Older Technology? Or Do You Need Something More Powerful?

If you are only creating a basic WordPress site, WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting is a solid choice. The managed WordPress hosting plans are affordable and their list of features is impressive. Although their technology is rather old, it still gets the job done for simpler WordPress sites.

However, if you are running an eCommerce WordPress site, the basic shared hosting plan is probably not enough and you may want to look for some WP Engine alternatives. If you need a more powerful, more secure, high performance solution, Convesio’s cutting edge is a better choice. Especially if you anticipate getting a lot of traffic at once, as our Docker-based containers and cloud infrastructure can automatically scale to handle high amounts of traffic. We are a premium managed WordPress host and our hosting services, which operate on Google Cloud Platform, are designed to handle situations like these.

Plus, our custom hosting dashboard makes it easy to keep everything up to date, including automatic WordPress updates, free SSL certificates, automatic daily backups, free Cloudflare integration, a web application firewall, and other web hosting tools. Additionally, our support team of WordPress experts offers premium support. Need a free migration? Not a problem: our WordPress experts provide free migrations too.

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Although WP Engine’s technology is older, the list of features is impressive. But unless you’re spending big bucks on a custom solution, your WordPress website is using the same low-end shared hosting technology that other hosts offer. As such, if you need something more powerful, you should consider some WP Engine alternatives like dedicated WordPress hosting or managed VPS hosting.

If you’re running a resource-intensive instance of WordPress, WP Engine does offer premium infrastructure solutions. For example,  Google’s Compute-optimized VMs or their Premium Tier network.

They also have a “Scale” tier of their Managed WordPress plans, but it’s not about scaling WordPress to handle more traffic.

However, you’ll need to get a quote for these custom solutions on dedicated servers.


Unlike some other WP Engine alternatives, Convesio uses fundamentally different technology. Our container-based architecture is fast, resilient and scalable by design. It’s nothing like shared hosting. It is essentially taking the dedicated server model and making it highly scalable for web hosting.

Most of the high performance tech WP Engine charges extra for is bundled in our web hosting tech. CloudFlare Enterprise, for example. Unlike WP Engine and unlike other WP Engine alternatives, we include most of these tools free. We have also built a core set of WordPress management functions for back ups, firewall rules, caching, auto scaling, and other hosting services.

Convesio is a great fit for the mid-market eCommerce business that needs Enterprise-grade scalability – without the complexity and cost of a custom hosting service solution.

Key FeaturesWP EngineConvesio
Container-based platformNoYes
Auto ScalingNoYes
Horizontal ScalingNoYes
Cloudflare EnterpriseAdd-onYes
Our Platform

See Auto Scaling In Action

Auto scaling allows your site to scale up resources during high-traffic events, then scale back down when the traffic has subsided.

See how easy it is to set up auto scaling on Convesio.  WP Engine does not offer any form of auto scaling.

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Any Questions?

We’ve transferred many websites from WP Engine to our platform and we provide free migrations, free SSL, automatic backups, a free CDN, and more. While WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting for a reasonable price, we think we’re both better and more affordable, especially for power users. Click the chat button below and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.


WP Engine Has Basic Features – But There Are Some Limitations

WP Engine’s mission is to make it very easy to build and manage a WordPress site. To do this, they include a variety of useful features in their basic shared hosting plans and their managed hosting plans.

However, there are some limitations. Certain plugins are blacklisted, there is no easy way to scale your site under heavy traffic loads, and certain other premium features cost extra. With Convesio, these extras are all included, allowing you to focus on building your business and not on micromanaging your website. 


One of WP Engine’s best features is its dashboard. It is indeed beautiful, and it makes accessing and understanding technical information easy, even if if you aren’t technically savvy.

There are some limitations, however. For example, the list of WP Engine disallowed plugins that don’t play well with the platform. Key features for security and performance are available as paid add-ons.

There are also many missing features and tools for high-traffic websites. You can’t just switch on scaling, for example. For that you need to get on a call with Sales and negotiate an upgrade. And at that point, you may just want to look for an alternative hosting solution.


We take a hands-on approach, helping you to optimize your site for your particular situation. That’s why we consider ourselves one of the best WP engine alternatives.

Convesio allows you to access a massive ecosystem of tools and services to create the best stack for their WordPress Ops. We can help you find and install the best ones for your use case.

We’re also laser focused on scalability and performance. Convesio is the only platform that offers ‘managed scaling.’ This allows anyone to create a highly scalable instance of WordPress in minutes. The equivalent scaling solution on WP Engine is an upsell to a pricier tier or a custom solution.

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WP Engine is Cheap – If You Don't Need Add-ons

WP Engine is a popular managed WordPress host, however their fully managed hosting plans can get pricey. Their cheapest plan is $30 a month, which nearly doubles to $58 a month if you select the add-ons. That’s a steep price for a basic set up on shared hosting platform, especially compared to an alternate hosting solution. If you need a custom hosting service setup, dedicated environments start at $290 a month.

Convesio, on the other hand, does cost more initially – see our Pricing page. However, our plans include hundreds of dollars of extra tools and add-ons, most of which you have to pay for separately with WP Engine.


WP Engine doesn’t publish plan specs, which makes it hard to compare pricing. If you’re developing a business-critical WordPress website, you really need to know what you’re working with.

But it’s fair to say that their support provides a lot of value, and that’s hard to achieve given their scale.

Where it gets both expensive and frustrating is the mid-tier. When you’ve outgrown cheaper shared hosting and you find yourself… on shared hosting (but with a few more resources).

 Your bill at the end of the month becomes even more expensive if you sign up for premium hosting.


Convesio is an expensive option to those that don’t need scalable infrastructure and we are honest about this. We’re happy to recommend our competitors when there’s a better fit, including WP Engine!

However, Convesio is much more affordable than WP Engine when it comes to scalability.

We’ve productized scaling WordPress and have made it affordable for everyone. You save on set up costs, can get going in minutes and don’t need to engage a SySAdmin for maintenance.

We have also bundled in premium functions that you pay extra on WP Engine.

Price Comparison

Plans with dedicated resources are referred to as Custom Solutions on WP Engine. These start at $290 / month.

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WP Engine Support Is Good – But Doesn't Scale

It’s hard to find negative comments online about WP Engine’s support. They’ve done a great job to scale support to server 100,000+ customers, and it’s one of the reason why they have been so successful.

However, WP Engine is a larger company and simply cannot afford to provide the personalized and specialized support that Convesio or other cheaper WP engine alternatives offer. We serve a much smaller customer base with a different set of challenges, which is why we refer to our Support Engineers as the “ScaleOps Team.”


WP Engine employs teams of savvy support staff located around the globe. Support is tiered and well managed. There’s little to fault, but anything beyond troubleshooting and basic issue resolution is out of scope. If you need to have issues with automatic daily backups, staging sites, or other critical features, you may be out of luck.

If you’re on a custom plan – the highest tier – you get consultative onboarding and a technical health assessment.

More options are available if you’re on a custom plan, but these are ‘optional add-ons’. You even have to pay for account management.


Our support is 24/7, tier-less and goes the extra mile. We promise performance and scale and if this means diving deep into WordPress to resolve an issue we’ll do it.

We’ve adopted Slack as the main internal support channel. You’ll reach support first but any team member, or even multiple people, can jump in to help if needed. It’s not uncommon for our CEO, Tom Fanelli, to lend and a hand either.

Our Promise

Our platform delivers the performance you need at scale. But we also know that there are 100 different things that can go wrong. If they do, support is just one click away - 24/7. We'll do whatever it takes to help. Not upsell you to a more expensive plan.

Sometimes The Smaller Player Can Handle The Bigger Jobs

WP Engine are pioneers in the Managed WordPress hosting space. With 100,000+ customers, they are a now a dominant player, especially for smaller or less serious websites. However, WP Engine is not a great choice for business-critical eCommerce sites, especially those that need to scale to handle high amounts of traffic. While WP Engine does offer more powerful plans, they can get quite expensive – and you’re still just 1 of 100,000 customers. And at that point, why not look for some cheaper WP engine alternatives?

For these types of sites, Convesio is the clear winner. Our innovative platform makes it super easy to scale your site and handle high amounts of traffic.  Plus, we are a smaller company – and can provide more personalized assistance for our customers.

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