An In-depth Look at Convesio’s Load Testing Process

Convesio Website Load Test Process

An effective way of identifying performance and scalability bottlenecks is to perform load testing. At Convesio, we rely on these tests to estimate and predict the resources required to serve any number of online visitors, students, or attendees of a live event.

How Scalable Is WordPress for High Traffic Websites

Is WordPress Scalable Or Not

WordPress itself and the technologies required to run WordPress have matured over the years. In this post we answer the question “Is WordPress Scalabe?” and what it takes to make your WordPress site scale to handle millions of views.

WordPress News Roundup – October 2021

con blog newsoct21 hero 1

The month of September was a busy one for those in the WordPress media scene as it brought us a number of acquisitions, acqui-hires, and new products/projects to write about