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Articles covering WordPress hosting, performance, security, innovation, business and interesting news from the ecosystem.

Why is WordPress Good for Membership Websites?

Why is WordPress Good for Membership Websites?

Are you considering building a membership website but struggling to decide on the right platform? Consider WordPress, especially over competitors like Shopify ...
Seven Easy Ways to Reduce Your Website’s File Size and Pay Less for Hosting

Seven Easy Ways to Reduce Your Website’s File Size and Pay Less for Hosting

If you have a lot of files on your website, your monthly hosting bill may be higher than it needs to be. ...

A Pre-Event Checklist for WordPress Membership Websites

Do you run a membership site with WordPress? Then you should definitely consider holding live events, both for your members and for ...

Trying to Decide Between Convesio and Another Host?

Are you trying to decide between Convesio and another host like SiteGround, WP Engine, or Kinsta? Or perhaps you aren’t sure if shared ...

New Features in January 2023: Platform Caching Updates, New FTP Options, and More!

Happy New Year! This month, we have some exciting new features to share with you. Platform Caching Updates The Platform Caching plugin ...
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Our New Knowledge Base is Now Live

We have some exciting news for Convesio customers: our new Knowledge Base is now live! You can visit it by navigating to ...

How a Fast Website Improves SEO and Gets More Customers

A fast website helps more than you think! When determining which search results to display, Google looks for every indicator of the ...

Convesio Partners with Monarx to Double Down on Web Security

Convesio has partnered with Monarx to protect its customers' sites from sophisticated cyber-attacks. Monarx is a modern website security tool that detects and prevents malicious ...

Why WordPress Container-Based Hosting is the Future

Using Docker or Kubernetes for hosting is relatively new, but it has already made waves in the hosting world. Though it’s often ...
Know This Before Making a Membership Site

Top Things to Know Before Building a Membership Site

Membership websites can be complex to build on WordPress, but by using the right tools and methods, you can bring them to ...

How AI is Changing the Web Hosting World For Good & Why Convesio is Embracing This New Tech

As in other industries, artificial intelligence is transforming web hosting for good. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, companies can solve complex performance, ...
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Team Convesio is All Set For WordCamp US! Meet Us at Booth #9

Team Convesio is excited to attend WordCamp US and looking forward to meeting business owners, developers, agency owners, and anyone that loves and uses WordPress.
Detailed Analysis: WooCommerce vs Magento

Detailed Analysis: WooCommerce vs Magento

WooCommerce vs Magento is a popular debate among the eCommerce community and often owners end up picking the wrong platform. The following guide will help ...
Website Speed Testing Tools

The Best WordPress Speed Testing Tools (Free and Paid) of 2022

The speed of your website is extremely important. If it loads slowly, visitors will leave before reading much – or any – of your content. ...
Setting up WordPress Using Docker

Setting up WordPress Using Docker

Docker containers are generally perceived as technically complicated and a difficult solution to implement. It is the next step in WordPress hosting with significant scaling ...
Convesio Website Load Test Process

An In-depth Look at Convesio’s Load Testing Process

An effective way of identifying performance and scalability bottlenecks is to perform load testing. At Convesio, we rely on these tests to estimate and predict ...
What Exactly Are Cipher Suites

What Are Cipher Suites And Its Impact On Security

Configuration of cipher suites is often overlooked by many working in the web hosting and development industry. At Convesio we recently helped a client remove ...
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Udemy vs. WordPress LMS: Which Platform Should You Use to Sell Online Courses?

Are you creating a course to sell online, but can’t decide which platform to use?
Chatbots For WooCommerce 2

Best WooCommerce ChatBots To Increase Customer Engagement and Conversions

Adding Chat Bots to your WooCommerce store can result in increase engagement with your customers. Find out the best rated Chat Bots that you can ...
Top WordPress Security Plugins 2

Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Website

We tested and featured some of the best WordPress security plugins that add multiple layers of protection against attacks on your website.
Best WooCommerce Plugins Featured

27 Must-Have Plugins For Your WooCommerce Website

We have done the research and compiled the most used and popular WooCommerce Plugins that you should be using on your stores.
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How To Load Test a WordPress Website

Stress Testing your WordPress website using tools can provide you important insights into how your website will perform during traffic spikes and how capable is ...
con blog security 2022

Tips to Secure WordPress in 2022

Having a sophisticated, modern, and well-thought-out WordPress security strategy is now more important than ever!
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Black Friday Email Marketing Tips For WooCommerce Stores

Don’t rely on built-in WooCommerce emails for your upcoming Black Friday sales campaign – or any of your email marketing campaigns, period.
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Core Web Vitals for WordPress: How To Get A Good Score

Google has announced that the roll out of the Page Experience update is now complete. Now it's time to ensure your WordPress website's Core Web ...
Convesio Website Load Test Process