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How Convesio Has Solved M&M Multimedia’s 100-site WordPress Hosting Problem

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But as the company has evolved over time in line with its clients’ ever-growing needs, so too has the number of sites it manages — now at 100 and counting.

After years struggling to manage client sites spread across various hosting companies and technologies, dealing with inconsistent and slow server performance, site outages and downtime — not to mention poor support — M&M Multimedia Founder Mike Haley had had enough. He started searching for a managed WordPress hosting platform he could partner with that understood his and his clients’ needs.

Migrating all of their sites to Convesio took every single one of M&M Multimedia’s prior hosting problems off the table, allowing them to offload maintenance and performance concerns, ensure high availability for client sites, and let Haley get back to growing his business.

Here’s how M&M Multimedia have got better results with Convesio, and how you can too.

About M&M Multimedia: a full-service digital agency

M&M Multimedia websiteLaunched in 2009, M&M Multimedia is an integrated digital marketing company that offers a comprehensive suite of digital services, including web design and development, mobile app development, content and email marketing, SEO and PPC, graphic design, writing, programming, social media strategy — pretty much anything a business needs to build awareness and grow online.

From their production studio based in Southwest Florida, the M&M Multimedia team operates locally but with a global outlook, supporting local organizations such as Florida Southwestern College through to national brands like Sony and RingCentral.

The Challenge: managing, optimizing, monitoring 100 WordPress sites

With more than 100 client sites on its books, founder Haley and his team were spread thin trying to manage, maintain, and optimize them all. It also didn’t help that the sites were hosted on various platforms, making site management difficult and time-consuming.

The team was having to deal with problems often associated with traditional hosting — unreliable server performance and sites running slow during peak times. When Haley tried to contact hosting companies for support — companies he was paying top dollar to host his sites — response times were excruciatingly slow, and there was often no support for advanced issues of anything custom.

If that wasn’t bad enough, site outages and downtime were costing Haley money (quality WordPress hosting boosts your agency’s profit margins, bad WordPress hosting does the opposite).

Hayley was spending so much time dealing with client sites and hosting issues that it left him with little time to focus on his own business. M&M needed a flexible, hands-on, and client-focused managed hosting solution that understood agency needs.

The Solution: introducing Convesio, next-generation managed WordPress hosting

When Haley was introduced to Convesio, he was, understandably, apprehensive about moving all of his client sites to yet another platform. He’d heard it all before — hosting companies making big promises and then failing to deliver.

So to help reassure him, and let him see first-hand what our platform is capable of, our team duplicated a couple of M&M Multimedia’s sites onto our Docker-powered platform. This allowed Haley to compare the performance of his live sites running on traditional hosting with the duplicate versions running on Convesio.

Some of the websites enjoying super-fast loading times with Convesio.
Some of the websites enjoying super-fast loading times with Convesio.

The results blew Haley away. The duplicate sites hosted on our next-generation managed WordPress platform were 150% faster, with industry-leading stability and zero downtime. Haley quickly gave us to the green light to start migrating all 100+ of M&M Multimedia’s client sites to our platform.

After a fast and seamless migration, we quickly consolidated the work of multiple traditional hosts into our one managed solution. The M&M Multimedia team saw immediate benefits — the ability to finally manage all their client sites from one centralized dashboard, our expert support and guidance, our platform’s high availability and high performance, and per site configuration based on client needs.

What’s more, we were the only managed hosting provider M&M Multimedia found that was willing to provide client service assistance around launching client sites and applying SSL certificates

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