My Convesio Customer Journey, By Daryl Griffin

March 23, 2022 | By Daryl Griffin | No Comments
March 23, 2022
By Daryl Griffin

No Comments
At Convesio, all of the things I saw as a customer, I’m seeing as a part of the team as well -- Daryl Griffin

3 Year Convesio Customer, 3 weeks on the job as COO

My experience with web hosting began 16 years ago at my first startup. My manager told me I should buy a .com domain because “It’ll be the new beach front property” of the internet. After searching and finding some I liked, I landed on (now as my registrar.

Finding the right beachfront property

Over the years I added many domains and tried a handful of other registrars because of their 1 year/$1 deals. GoDaddy had a clunky user interface, so I dropped them. and both were so slow just to change menus, I decided against them as well.

I wound up using Ionos many years because I knew the platform and was comfortable with it. I could put my friend’s and relative’s WordPress sites on quite easily. Setting up email inboxes was a breeze. Ionos worked and was cheap - - exactly what I wanted.

The malware tsunami

Fast forward to three years ago and all my websites instantly stopped working at once and a dozen emails came from Ionos indicating a malware onslaught. Despite being diligent with updating WordPress and using security plugins, all of my sites were redirecting to spam links.

I purged most of my FTP storage. Deleted full sites I no longer cared much about. Relaunched sites from backups and ran malware scans. I changed all my passwords at both the site and database level. I did everything I could think of to make my top two websites work again. They did, but only for a few days, and then they were again redirecting to spam links.

Daryl Griffin
Daryl joined Convesio as COO in early 2022, and has more than 15 years of leadership experience in key strategic and leadership roles, as well as a track record in successfully scaling operations and growing high performance teams. Daryl currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 3 daughters.
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The thousand dollar fix

My next step was to contact Ionos for support. Their answer was that the shared drive was infected. Their recommendation was to 1st pay for a $600 cleaning service they offered. That would only be a stopgap. Next I would need a dedicated server with managed services to keep it clean. The quote? A minimal $500 per month with a recommended $1,000 for everything I’d need.

This was clearly frustrating as I felt it was their job to keep their shared drives clean. How did this only just happen? For years I didn’t have any issues. Then suddenly it became unrecoverable.

Landing at Convesio

Enter Tom and Convesio. I told Tom my issues with Ionos and he mentioned I should come over. Convesio solves issues exactly like that. Security, backups, and performance are all included in a highly-affordable monthly rate. I moved to Convesio. They handled the migrations and cleaning for me. They configured the account. It’s now 3 years later, and my experience has been flawless. My sites work every time and the team is super helpful in the rare times I’ve needed changes.

Now, after being a customer for 3 years, I’ve had the opportunity to join the Convesio team, and couldn’t be more excited. All of the things I saw as a customer, I’m seeing as a part of the team as well. It’s a family, one that cares about providing value to customers, and that delivers on its promises.

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