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Introducing Three New Services to Help Your eCommerce Business

Introducing Three New Services to Help Your eCommerce Business

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Here at Convesio, we’ve been hard at work developing new products and services to help you scale your eCommerce business. This month, we’re excited to announce three new services that will accelerate your growth even more: accessibility, maintenance, and HIPAA-compliance.

Managed Accessibility Plans

Is your site truly capable of welcoming more visitors and sales? One in every six adults suffers from a disability: your site needs to make it possible for them to use it too. Inaccessible sites lose sales and risk lawsuits or fines across the world. Getting it right can be tricky, and automated solutions promise a lot but deliver little. Let our experts guide you and enable you to unlock your site’s full potential.

Learn more about our Managed Accessibility plans.

Managed Maintenance Plans

Our managed maintenance plans by Saucal ensure that your site’s plugins, themes, and core code are always up-to-date and secure. Don’t worry about security vulnerabilities or outdated plugins ever again.

Learn more about our Managed Maintenance plans.

HIPAA-Compliant Website Hosting

Convesio’s cutting-edge security infrastructure makes it an excellent choice for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that need to be HIPAA compliant. Unlike other WordPress hosts, we use Docker containers on a private cloud, which are isolated, secure, private by design.

Learn more about our HIPAA-Compliant services.

Questions or comments about our new services? Feel free to get in touch with the Convesio team.

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