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What we shipped: Advanced segmentation, user management, white-labeling emails and more to make Growmatik more powerful


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This blog post is from the archived blog. In 2024, Convesio acquired Growmatik and re-launched it as ConvesioConvert. Learn more about ConvesioConvert.

Over the past 3 months, we have been committed to thoroughly listening to your feedback about the young Growmatik. In response, we’ve been hard at work improving and creating new features to enhance the Growmatik experience and make it more powerful for you. This covers a range of features from advanced segmentation to efficient user management to white-labeling email and improving UI and UX. Let’s embark on an overview of the new features and also take a glimpse at what other exciting features are coming up next!

Meet People: manage, import and export your collected leads and customers

The People feature in Growmatik allows you to view and manage your website audience including leads and customers. You can use a wide range of options to filter your users and simultaneously see the results in the user table which includes user details such as name, email, country, last visit and more.

Also, you can also bulk import your users via CSV sheets now. This will help to bring users you have collected in other lead generation tools or your CRM. The same way you can bulk export your segments to a CSV sheet now.

new features - people

Find more information about managing the leads and customers in the knowledge base.

User tags and custom attributes are here

You are no longer bound to default Growmatik user attributes. You can now preserve your own custom user attributes or define new ones when bulk importing users to Growmatik in the new People section. In addition to custom attributes, you can also tag a segment when importing it to Growmatik.

new features - custom user attributes

Introducing 50+ new segmentation criteria

In the new People section, you can now create custom segments by grouping people together. You can then use the saved segments as conditions to target the people inside that segment group with automations.

Filters showcase a wide range of personal and behavioral attributes. There are more than 50 filters from five different categories: 

  • Personal details
  • Referral details
  • In-site activity
  • Email activity
  • Shopping activity

Each filter has its own custom set of options to make your search even more specific with:

  • Textual or numerical values 
  • Positive values such as is, more than, less than, … (e.g. total page visits
  • Negative values such as is not, less than, …
  • Relative and periodical values such as first time, last time, all time (e.g. purchased product categories)

Furthermore, you can use the premade custom segments provided by Growmatik in the sidebar for some commonly used segments such as new leads, potential customers, VIP customers, among more that can be used right away without spending time creating them yourself.

new features - VIP customers

Find more information about advanced segmentation in the knowledge base.

Emails can now be white-labeled

This is a big leap forward in further branding and customizing your email campaigns! You can now replace Growmatik’s sender and the reply-to email address which is by default with your own custom email address. This process is known as white labeling emails. Just do a simple domain authentication process, and you’ll be able to send emails using your own domain.

new features - white labeled emails

Find more information about advanced segmentation in the knowledge base.

Improvements to the popup, email and web page personalizer tool

Workshop tools such as the email builder, popup builder and web page personalizer have undergone huge UX improvements. The building experience is much more delicate with the builders, and the email layouts you build are rendered with maximum loyalty in the Gmail inbox and webpage personalizer. But there are more features!

Selecting products and posts by ID in the blog and product elements

You are now able to add custom products and blog posts inside email builder and web page personalizer tools. Previously, you were able to only choose among 3 default options for the product or blog posts inside the builder toolbox: Related, Popular, Recent. 
But now you can simply select one or more products or blog posts by their ID inside the builder toolbox, and it will be inserted inside the layout.

This way, you’ll have much more control over the content of your emails and personalized pages by manually choosing the products or posts you want the audience to see.

So for instance, you can send an email to a customer who bought a camera with a specific upselling item like extra batteries.

Selecting product categories in the product element

Alternatively, instead of a specific product, you can include a category of products inside your email or webpage template. This may be handy with cross-selling campaigns when you want to show your segment a complementary product category after they’ve purchased a specific product or a category of products.

Supporting abandoned cart items in the product element

And finally, in your email or web page content, you can include the list of items left abandoned in your user’s cart. This way your abandoned cart follow-up emails now include the list of actual items they have pending in their cart and dramatically increases the likelihood of them finishing their purchase. And the same can be done inside your homepage.

Imagine that a cart abandoner will see their cart pending items above the fold on your homepage the next time they visit.

Customer journey is now more accurate and performant

The Customer Journey is now much faster thanks to the lighter user interface and better querying mechanism. You can also select specific email campaigns in the Source column or specific popups in the Subscription column so you can see what the traffic from that specific email or popup has done on your website.

Enjoy an even better UI

You’ll now be able to enjoy a bolder and much lighter user interface when working with Growmatik. Enjoy faster loading times when browsing between pages, larger thumbnails in the Workshop area sections and more.

What’s coming up!

That sums up the highlights of what has been added to Growmatik in the past 3 months. But that’s not all. I’d like to also give you a glimpse of what’s cooking in the kitchen now as well! Some of which our great users have consistently asked for since day 1 – we’re very happy to arrive at the final stages of development and release in the coming weeks.

  • Growmatik public API
    We are giving away the Growmatik public API very soon! That’ll allow you to connect Growmatik to any other marketing or CRM tool such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Intercom so that all of your critical information – such as user info, product info, shopping info – will be synced with another tool bilaterally.
  • Importing from other WP form builders and opt-in tools
    Right now, you’re able to import contacts via CSV sheets but soon you’ll be able to import contacts and leads from any other lead-generation tool such as Elementor, Gravity Forms, Jot forms, WPForms and more.
  • Premade automation recipes
    We want to help you kickstart your marketing automation even faster. Soon after your arrival, your dashboard will give you ready-to-use ideas on possible automations you can immediately get started with, from acquisition to nurturing to retention and more.
  • More Dynamic tags
    Soon, you’ll be able to put a lot more tags on your web page or popup and email content that can be dynamically replaced by many of the user attributes that you see in the People section, including personal and product details now. By using this, the content of your campaigns will be dramatically more personalized. 

If you have not already started to use these new features, we can’t wait until you do and to hear what you think about them. Just like you inspired us by requesting many of these features in these months, knowing what you think about these new features after actually working with them will help us understand if we are on the right path and inspire us to decide the next round of improvements and features for Growmatik. Enjoy automating!

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