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Emergent Solutions

An agency that uses creative design and innovative technology to help businesses increase profitability.

Emergent Solutions

In Search of a High-Performance Host

Founded by Ashwin Phillips, Emergent Solutions is an agency that uses innovative technology and creative design to help businesses become more profitable. They host a variety of different websites on WordPress, many of which use the Divi page builder plugin.

Divi is known for being resource-intensive, which means that many hosts struggle to run it without slowdown. This problem, along with other performance issues, led Ashwin to look for a host that could handle resource-intensive sites without issues. And that’s where Convesio came in.

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I’ve been at WP Engine, Pantheon, Kinsta. I still have clients that have things in various places there. But hands down, I always recommend Convesio as my number one go-to, because the performance is unmatched.

– Ashwin Phillips, Founder and President of Emergent Solutions


Most Hosts Can't Handle Resource-Heavy Websites

Many of Emergent Solutions’ clients use Divi, a popular WordPress page builder. Divi is powerful, but it’s also very resource intensive. This means that many web hosts can’t handle running it without significant slowdown.

Thankfully, Convesio is more than capable of handling Divi. Our infrastructure is powerful and keeps your site running smoothly, no matter how intensive your backend software.

Most of our sites are using Divi, which is very heavy on the development side, so we prioritize performance over anything else. And not just the production side – the development site matters, too. Almost every other hosting company doesn't give you a very good database and memory for the development side for WordPress. I was very impressed with what Convesio's team was able to do.


A Host that Can Handle Any Technical Challenge

Convesio’s unique technology is designed for websites that get a lot of unpredictable traffic, making it ideal for WordPress multisite and other agency-oriented website setups. Plus, our team of WordPress experts is available 24/7, ensuring that we can address any issues if they arise.

Learn more about Convesio’s technical stack and feature set:


What Emergent Solutions Loves About Convesio

Ashwin has been especially happy with our support team. Unlike most other hosting companies, we offer direct Slack and email support, which means that you don’t need to navigate through a cumbersome ticketing system to talk to a human being. We create a unique Slack channel for each of our clients, so you quickly contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

I have saved so much time and energy just because I can get to you guys on Slack and have you immediately help me out. That alone is just amazing.

The best part of Convesio’s support style is that it makes our clients feel like equals, not customers. We have a flat hierarchy of team members that can jump in and offer support, without needing to “move up” the chain of support members until a problem is solved. This makes us more like a business partner and less like a faceless company.

I feel like I have a partner instead of a vendor. I always feel like they're part of the team. It's my DevOps team almost. And so that's huge. And the other part is the always improving and open to what we need. That's refreshing, and the fact that we can just talk somewhat flat hierarchy versus having to go up the chain of support. I'm never switching from Convesio as long as the support is so open and accessible, to tell you the truth.

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If your client base is growing, it’s important to have a hosting solution that can grow with you. With Convesio, you can be confident that your website will be able to handle whatever traffic comes its way, giving your clients an excellent experience.

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