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Convesio Partners With SiteLock to Offer Enhanced WordPress Security to All Customers

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SiteLock’s Patchman automatically detects and patches security vulnerabilities as well as identifies and removes malware across servers.

With Patchman installed on Convesio’s servers malware protection is now ‘always on’: compromised files are quarantined as soon as they are discovered, and core, plugin and theme files are replaced with the original ‘clean’ versions to avoid any disruption and downtime.

Adding Patchman to Convesio’s WordPress security Stack

Research shows that websites are attacked an average of 94 times a day.

Hackers want to take advantage of a server’s resources to send spam, coordinate DDoS attacks, run exploits or breach customer data. These are often automated scripts targeting known WordPress vulnerabilities, which is why it is so important to keep core, themes and plugins up to date.

Patchman helps mitigate this risk by finding and fixing vulnerability before a malicious operator does.

Tom Fanelli, Convesio’s founder, explains why Patchman is such an important addition to Convesio’s security layer:

“Unlike most of our competitors we take full responsibility for our customer’s security. If a website is infected we will do whatever it takes to heal it, and this is a cost that we absorb. Patchman doesn’t replace our team of ‘doctors’ but helps, just like a vaccine, keep the infection rate way down.”

Patchman plays particularly well with Convesio’s architecture too. It’s lightweight and doesn’t affect performance.

Patchman secures all of Convesio customer’s WordPress websites

By running at server level Patchman secures all customer websites, whether existing or new. There is nothing that a customer needs to be set up or turned on either.

The integration integrates with Convesio’s monitoring systems too: a team member investigates every issue that Patchman flags and, if necessary, takes further action to secure a website. If necessary, any change made by Patchman can be rolled back.

Learn more about Patchman and Convesio’s security

If you have any questions about how Patchman works with Convesio feel free to jump on chat or email support.