Convesio Partners With Human Presence To Block Spam and Malicious Bot Activity in WordPress

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Human Presence have developed an AI-driven solution that stops bots and automated spam before they can ‘attack’ comments, inquiry forms and eCommerce transactions.

The Human Presence solution for Convesio greatly improves the user experience: CAPTCHA is the most common current remedy for bots but research has shown that many website visitors are unable to solve the CAPTCHA challenge and depart the site without completing a transaction. The Human Presence technology invisibly works behind the scenes, intercepting malicious and suspicious activity even before it even hits your pages.

Additionally, it’s able to protect your website from automated data and content scraping and keep spam out of your analytics.

How Does Human Presence work?

Human Presence detects and analyzes human website usage patterns to construct ‘smart profiles’ to validate future interactions against. The algorithm learns from each legitimate visit and is able to detect even the slightest nuances in ‘micro-gestures’, recognizing uncharacteristic behavioral patterns to rapidly identify suspicious traffic on your website.

The Human Presence database of over one billion human browser sessions coupled with their proprietary AI algorithms allows them to analyze each new visitor to determine instantly whether they are in fact human, or not. And the traffic can then be routed accordingly.

The most widespread form of attack is comment spam but bots are often used more strategically to impact a business’ operations and commerce, for example:

  • Bot based checkouts during flash sales, impacting product availability and pricing
  • Malicious posting of negative product reviews
  • Registration of fake user accounts
  • Malicious posting of dangerous links
  • Competitors using bots to deplete inventory so that they can resell at marked up prices on their stores
  • Site scraping of product listings, blogs, etc.

These are real-case scenarios that affect a business’ bottom line. In fact, Human Presence found that the median risk presented by bots to eCommerce operations (with over $5m in annual sales) can be quantified at $858,000.00. Additionally, by eliminating the inconvenience of having your customers interact with a CAPTCHA, merchants have found that their conversions have increased over 300%.

The invisible costs of bots on a business include losing potential customers who are unable to solve the CAPTCHA as well as degrading the customer experience for customers who do pass the CAPTCHA but find it annoying. One additional but hidden cost of form spam is the need for the site owner to deploy their staff daily to delete spam entries from comment forms, product review forms, etc.

How to get Human Presence For Your Website?

If you are a Convesio customer you’re already protected and there is nothing you need to do. You’re able to disable via our caching plugin, if needed.

If you’re hosting elsewhere or need to protect Shopify, Drupal or Magento head over to Human Presence’s website and sign up for the service.

About Human Presence

Human Presence was developed by Ellipsis Technologies, Inc., a startup based in Greenville, South Carolina, founded in 2014 by Bill West.

The Ellipsis mission is to help eCommerce companies and all website owners eliminate malicious site traffic to provide site owners secure websites and increased conversions. Ellipsis

Human Presence also strives to improve the overall user experience while lowering costs.

Learn more about Ellipsis Technologies and Human Presence:

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