With WP-CLI, you can manage WordPress plugin installations, theme updates, user management, and database operations directly from the command line.


What is WP-CLI?

WP-CLI, short for WordPress Command Line Interface, is a powerful tool that allows users to interact with WordPress installations via the command line. It provides a range of commands for managing various aspects of WordPress sites, including the WP plugin install process, updating themes, managing users, performing database operations, and much more.

WP-CLI streamlines tasks that would normally require manual intervention, making it a popular choice for developers, administrators, and anyone else working with WordPress sites who prefers command-line interfaces over graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Convesio supports accessing and managing your website via WP-CLI, making it easy to make updates and modifications via the command line.

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Access Your Site via the Command Line

Accessing your WordPress site via the command line offers a multitude of benefits that streamline the overall process.

With the command line interface, tasks such as plugin installation, theme updates, database operations, and user management become vastly more efficient, as they only require interfacing with the CLI. Automation capabilities empower you to automate repetitive tasks, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency across your site operations.

Additionally, the command line provides a flexible and customizable environment, allowing you to tailor commands and scripts to suit your specific needs.

Streamlined Management

No more jumping between screens or clicking through menus to install plugins or make other changes to your site. With WP-CLI, everything is only a command away.


With WP-CLI, you can automate routine tasks, ensuring consistent performance and freeing up your time to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Open Source

WP-CLI is a collaborative effort supported by a vibrant community of developers and users. As an open-source project, it’s continuously evolving, with regular updates and contributions from developers worldwide.

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Learn More About WP-CLI

WordPress CLI, or WP-CLI, is a command-line interface tool for managing WordPress sites. It allows users to perform various tasks, such as plugin installation, theme updates, database operations, and user management, directly from the command line.

A command line, also known as a command prompt or terminal, is a text-based interface used to interact with a computer’s operating system by typing commands. It allows users to execute commands to perform various tasks, such as navigating the file system, running programs, managing files, and configuring system settings, all without the need for a graphical user interface (GUI).

Unlike a graphical user interface (GUI), which relies on visual elements such as windows, icons, and menus to interact with the computer, a command line operates entirely through text-based commands. While a GUI provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for many tasks, a command line offers greater control and flexibility for advanced users and system administrators.

Yes, WP-CLI is highly suitable for automation. You can write scripts using WP-CLI commands to automate repetitive tasks, such as updating plugins across multiple sites, performing scheduled backups, or setting up new WordPress installations with predefined configurations. Automation with WP-CLI can significantly streamline your workflow and save time.

The official WP-CLI website is at WP-CLI.org.

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