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What is a load balancer?

See more about Convesio and load balancers here: https://convesio.com/features/wordpress-load-balancer/

A load balancer is a tool that helps make sure that websites and online games work smoothly and don’t crash by spreading out traffic over many computers. Imagine it like a traffic cop for the internet, directing traffic to different computers to prevent websites and games from getting too slow or crashing. This helps people use the internet and play online games smoothly and without any problems.

There are several types of load balancers, including network load balancers, application load balancers, and content-based load balancers. Network load balancers operate at the network layer and route traffic based on factors such as IP address and port number. Application load balancers operate at the application layer and can route traffic based on the content of the request, such as the URL or header information. Content-based load balancers can route traffic based on the type of content being requested, such as images or video.

Load balancers are an important component of many modern distributed systems and are commonly used to scale out applications and websites to handle high levels of traffic and to improve the reliability and availability of systems. They can also be used to implement advanced traffic management techniques, such as traffic shaping and rate limiting.

If you want to read more about how we use load balancers at Convesio, you can check out this article on Load Balancers for WordPress.

Updated on August 9, 2023

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